Splash damage bloodletter FT

Good roll bloodletter, if you’re running a Moze splash build. I am literally looking for only 1 thing, and that’s a corrosive everblast x16, mirv, and homing.

Can’t load a picture for some reason, so spelling it out.

+2 thin red line
+3 phalanx doctrine

+29% splash damage radius
+28% splash damage
+31% pistol damage

I prob have the shotgun you’re looking for. I don’t need the Bloodletter tho. Looking for Flaker with x2 dmg ASE, a Redline, Ogre with x2 dmg or 125% splash, S3RV, Masterwork crossbow, tankmans shield, bekah, Garcia with x2 dmg ASE, headsplosion, tiggs boom, redsuit, it’s piss, multivitamin, porcelain pipe bomb.

I’ve got a few of those. Shoot me a friend request. We can figure it out. I’ll probably be back on later this evening.

I’ll be on a little after 8pm est. what’s your GT?