Splash Damage clarification

That one is definitely not the case.

Depends on the context, apparently. This appears to be a distinction that wasn’t fully fleshed out in the displayed item and skill text before, so we’ll probably just need to build up a catalogue (pretty much like the ‘what does/does not count as splash damage’ thread in BL2).

Yeah i figured that was the case… any idea on the Laser Sploder assault rifles? I’m guessing the laser counts as “AOE” and the mini bombs it shoots out count as “Splash” ?

The laser isn’t splash/AOE.

If your looking for an effective splash damage weapon to use for Moze.
I use a (x2 Ogre) for splash damage it works great for Moze. And I found a alternative grenade mod to replace the hex was the (Mitosis Hunter Seeker) it works good with Moze, I was using it after the first hex nerf and it was working very well.
Unfortunately I can’t tell you if it’s still as effective after the latest nerf.
Because I have totally abandoned Moze at this point. They totally killed the only thing that had any real reason to use her.
You pretty much can’t use anonited gear with her because getting in and out of the Iron Bear is such a hassle and will just get you killed in MH3.

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I’m guessing if anything the laser would be ‘beam’?

As far as I can tell the laser itself is just gun damage. AOE increase doesn’t affect the laser.

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