Splash damage in BL3

So I was thinking, if splash damage returns (which it most likely will), what should it be like?

Splash damage in BL2 is… just watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arAgxYQF0OU
Anyway, it will most likely return, but I have a bad feeling that it will no longer get boosted by grenade dmg, because the weapons with splash damage that are able to get boosted by grenade damage were most likely never meant to do that.
If it does return as a grenade damage skill boostable thing, what sort of character would boost it? And would it get boosted by relics and COMs?

I would LOVE to see a character that is like a cross between Krieg, all his body shot bonuses, and Axton, grenade buffs.

Anyway, I would be pleased with any sort of grenade buffs on any character, as long as it would still boost splash dmg too. @DemoniteBL

In my opinion it should either only have splash damage which does get boosted by grenade damage or splash damage should be it’s own type of damage and character skills as well as items could boost splash damage.

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Oh yeah, didn’t think of that. It would make a lot of sense.
Like a character with a third of the skill tree based on boosting the damage and radius of the splash, that would be AWESOME.