Splash God FL4K Build Video

hey guys, im back to showcase my Splash God FL4K build! My favourite way to play fl4k, focusing on splash with rakks proccing the 200% on ase anoint constantly. The Peregrin opens up some crazy rakksplosion options with grenades like the Pipe Bomb or Mirv Cluster-f*ck EXPLODER, cosmic stalker is another great alternative for mobbing. In the video i showcase some lesser used splash weapons with fl4k like the protuberance, prompt critical and globetrotter as i like to mix it up from the usual meta picks, but obviously the complex root/plaguebearer/backburner etc all work amazing on this build. Enjoy the updated splash build!


Yo dude, welcome back! Can’t wait to see this.

Watched it, my eyes hurt in a good way. Tons of explosions.

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Thanks my man :slight_smile:
Yeah the atom balm explosions can get pretty insane when using weapons like the globetrotter!

I have recently incorporated the Atom Balm into my build and it is a pretty sweet addition.

Super underrated IMO

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I have been looking for ages for a well-rolled Atom Balm Deathless to go with my Urad build. It really is the cream on the top of any build that uses radiation.


yeah man the explosion radius buff is noticeable, really satisfying gameplay loop i find. Radiation seems to scale really nicely with mayhem levels

couldnt agree more, it’s the perfect choice for any radiation build. The elemental projector suffix definitely has a place on red suit builds but i find the Atom balm to be more fun overall, you definitely notice the size of the explosions are smaller when you take it off