Splash King FL4K Build - Melt Everything! [Mayhem 4]

Back today showcasing my Splash King FL4K Build which focuses on dealing massive amounts of splash damage giving Moze a run for her money with the Protuberance, a weapon I feel doesn’t get enough love on Fl4k but has crazy potential is the hands of this Vault Hunter. Abusing anointed effects with rakks and getting a snowball effect going with the Overkill guardian rank skill, the protuberance and lump combo are able to melt mobs with ease making for really fun gameplay.
The protuberance’s parabolic projectile arc can have a bit of a learning curve to it, but once you get the hang of it you’ll find it gets easier and easier to judge distancing and angles with this amazing weapon. Enjoy the build and slaughter shaft run :smiley:


Cool. I’ve been playing with a Gammasplash build of sorts myself but with Maliwan. Can’t find a GB anointed Protuberance so been using Trevonator and Kyb’s. It’s works pretty well cause enemies group onto your pet.

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Splash gamma is a really fun playstyle too man, good to hear the trevenator getting some love that gun is insane and it’s pretty slept on. I’ve been using a 125% splash on ase with my rakk builds and it’s damage is up there with some of the strongest weapons I’ve found

If you can nab a boring gun with gamma, honestly i have both and my boring out dps proterbulance by far more. Just the splash is lethal to you even with a red suit

@Sssith the lump is what I was using on Wotan the other day.

I am going to have to ask Moze to kindly share her lumps with Fl4k.

Seems like a fun build. Too many to try.