Splash shock damage + transformer: inconsistently great

I have been using a transformer shield a lot in BL3 and with various weapons. It just feels like the best bang for your buck in many cases. Most of the time a shock weapon doing splash damage can heal your shield. However, sometimes it doesn’t seem to work at all. Usually it works but at times it just doesn’t seem to fill up my shield at all.

I been using this in the DLC:

This gun has massive shock splash damage. Like 70-80% of the time if I’m standing next to an enemy the splash damage fills my shield as you would expect. Other times it seems to do absolutely nothing.

Does anyone know more about the interaction between splash damage and the transformer that can maybe explain what is going on? In the past I have assumed maybe other incoming damage was canceling it out but with this gun it just doesn’t appear that is what’s happening (like I notice it happening when no other incoming damage is happening that i can see).

Do you have any bonus elemental dmg on ase. I’m not too sure if that would do it but it’s something to consider.

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Not atm I don’t. I have had a very hard time finding legendary weapons (that I use) with anointments for some reason. I find blues, greens and purples with anointments all day long but most of my legendary stuff has none or is an effect for a class or build that does me no good.

After Blacksite dropped, and Guardian Ranks were “offline”, a guy I was playing with and I both noticed that the Transformer seemed to fail to heal from electricity. It seemed like it was completely broke, but we noticed sometimes, not often, it did seem to work. Since Guardian Rank has been “fixed” it seems to work. I thought it was, though like you I felt sometimes it wasn’t, but I thought it was just me. I’ll try to keep an eye on it to see if I can catch it failing. I’ve wondered if it might even be from Mayhem modifiers. There’s just so many things happening at times I have trouble telling what is working and what isn’t at times.


Yeah, that’s why in the past I have just kept chalking it up to me not understanding or just missing some other thing that was happening (like incoming damage canceling it out or maybe I wasn’t close enough or something). However, with this gun the splash damage is so massive and at times I’m pretty sure no other damage is happening so I’m back to thinking something is buggy.

I’ve got at lest a half dozen (not an exaggeration) items I’m pretty sure are not working correctly, but I can’t “prove” they aren’t. (And maybe another half dozen I just suspect aren’t working correctly)

I’ll keep an eye on the Transformer and see if I can cap some video of it failing. With so many different variables, it can be tough.

Transformer shield also has %40 chance of absorbing the bullet. when a bullet gets absorbed it doesnt deal damage. So the times that you are not healing your shields are the times that %40 absorb procs.


Transformer is my absolute favorite shield. The reason it’s not working for you is because of you actually. Hear me out. I use Moze when I tediore chuck myself I get minor shock damage. BUT because I’m damaging myself my skills kick in against me. In Moze case I get lit on fire. You can very easily ko yourself if you have AoE skills. As far as enemies go you will still take the initial hit damage then heal. It does lag occasionally and in certain instances stack effects out of order.

good point, but it’s the splash damage that the op is using to refill his shield. does splash damage count as a projectile? if so, that is pretty broken. op, you should pay attention to your ammo count when the splash damage doesnt proc to see of your ammo is being refilled.

according to my tests only damage type you cant abrosb is elemental puddles on the ground. And i believe this changed with one of the updates when they tried to fix the zanes barier not blocking various projectiles. Splash damage wasnt counting as projectile/bullet before one of those updates.

That’s an interesting theory but how would I absorb ammo from splash damage? I stand next to an enemy and shoot it…the splash damage hits me. I don’t see how I would absorb ammo from that scenario.

@theonlytosser I know what you mean with Moze. I used the shield with her and at times I could see how I was damaging myself with abilities so it was much less clear. However, I don’t think I have that problem with Amara. I have no points in Wildfire or Infusion. It also isn’t weapon elemental damage because that is the shock damage that is splashing on me to heal my shields.

Is there some sort of hidden resist or other mechanic that would negate a portion of splash damage?

You wouldn’t absorb that damage but you might activate ammo regeneration.

I’ve had this problem, too. I can stand right next to a Storm Front grenade, and it’s about a 20% chance that I’ll have any healing whatsoever, while it’s electrocuting people around me and I’m not being shot.

It happens. I think some of the detection (guessing) may be weird.

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Well at least I’m not the only one who noticed this. It’s a bit baffling. Really curious if this is an actual bug or some game mechanic that can explain it.

Splash can count as a projectile - ive absorbed rockets before the same as sham in bl2, only problem with this theory is that the transformer doesnt absorb projectiles that are shock - an easy test to see is using torgue stickes and standing over them, it will turn some into ammo for what you have equipped

transformer has %100 chance of converting shock ‘‘damage’’ into shields so to be able to convert the shock, first it needs to be able to damage you. Why do you think your teammates cant refill your shields with shock? because they cant damage you at the first place. Since almost every damage projectile/bullet has chance to be absorbed (it doesnt exlude the shock projectiles) when absorbed you only get ammo back, its not converting it into shields because its not ‘‘damage’’.

Seems im wrong when it comes to self damage - with torgue stickies, i know before i wasnt recieving any but after trying it now i am - off to try with fl4k since theres no added elemental splash
Update - fl4k isnt recieving ammo absorb yet moze is - exact same weapon; im thinking only due to fire in the skag den
Only pure shock damage is not counting for ammo absorb