Splinterlands Locations

Hey all, anyone having issues locating the final location of The Splinterlands? I’ve got the map almost completely explored, but the locations still stick at 5/6. I’ve run around this place for about an hour now hoping to finally get the damn thing to appear. It’s the final location I need for Pandora too. Anyone know of secret spots in the map that class as the location?


I also have 5/6 and have covered the whole map

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Yeah, same here. Having the same issue with Devil’s Razor.

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I’m thinking the tracker is indeed bugged. I just collected every Eridian Tablet and no achievement, but after interacting with the one inside Tannis’ office on Sanctuary 5 times, it unlocked, but the counter now shows 40/30. The Fast Travel stations also display 59/46, and Crew Challenges is 196/194.


I was having the same issue but just found out why; Pitt’s Stop at the NE entrance to the area was not ‘found’ for me, even though I had driven through there before. When I fast travelled there and walked around it said ‘Area Discovered’ (instead of ‘entering…’) and the trophy dropped

Hope this is the one you were missing and this fixes it :slight_smile:


I’ll have another look. Hopefully it’s the same issue. Fingers crossed!

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Worked for me thanks!

This is my first post but I felt it important cuz I had to do a lot of digging for it. From the bottom of the map, where it says Pitt’s Stop go a long the right side of the mountain till you are close to Typhon’s log and you will discover Logan’s Spar. It said I had found the area, but not the location until I did this.


Thank you so much! You just saved my completionist soul! It worked. I hugged the side of the mountain and boom, area discovered!


As an FYI with area locations you have to be on foot and not in a vehicle

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no you don’t

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You are a beautiful person, THANK YOU for posting this <3

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It was the same for me

I’ve tried this and neither worked :frowning: I’m about ready to just walk the entire freakin map just side to side until I get it.
And then go insane when I don’t.

I can recommend the interactive map online where you can see the positioning of the locations. It can help finding the trigger point


That’s an awesome reference that I just bookmarked! I actually did get it after some back and forth trial and error with a buddy of mine. I ended up joining his game since he hadn’t explored much of that map at all, and when we both walked over to that area, it said “Discovered Logan’s Spur” as opposed to “Now Entering” (on mine it didn’t say anything at all when I went into that part of the map).

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That was it! Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much lol

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Little late to the party but many thanks for this. Would probably never have gotten this on my own as I’d passed this area multiple times but hugging the edge finally triggered it.

That completes my Splinterlands locations and it’s now at 100%. The same as every individual location on Pandora - all at 100% for locations and missions. So why oh why does the planetary summary stand at 98% and have two of each missing? Aaaaargh :rage:

wow this may be just what I need. Thanks!