Split-Screen Co-op disables fast travel

I have a character that is several planets ahead of my friend I am playing with in split-screen co-op.

When I finished my session with him, twice now, I am unable to fast travel to plants that my character has been to (and has quests for) that we did not reach in our session together.

For instance, I had played with him after I had gone to Promethea solo, we did not make it off of Pandora; when I started my solo campaign I was on Sanctuary and could see Promethea in Orbit view, but could not select it to fast travel. So now I cannot play this character until I join a session that has caught up to my acquired planets.

This has happened again on another planet, making it a repeatable bug.


Update. I joined a matchmaking group and now I can only fast travel to the point where I was with them.

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Same here but on PS4. Did you find a fix for it??

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Gearbox tweeted out recently a list of “fixes” for bugs.
They just suggest joining an online match.

Too bad that doesn’t work if you don’t have PSN or XBL; also, it may push you further ahead, but you have to go to each Fast Travel individually to regain them.

So, really, it isn’t a fix, but at least they’re aware of it.

This just happened to me on PS4 after playing with my kid in his game. I finished my game a few days ago, so I joined his to help him progress faster. As soon as I went back to my game, not only were all my fast travels past where we were in our game now gone (everything past The Droughts :flushed:), but my bank was empty!!! I lost so many legendaries and special weapons. I’m feeling pretty bummed now. I hope they fix this soon!

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I was split screening with my house mate and poof. My fast travels are wiped. Been trying to fix it for days now. Matchmaking doesn’t give me back any of my fast travel points except the one you spawn in on. Not happy. Guess I’m starting true vault hunter mode before I reach lvl 50…

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I had this same problem. I was taking my sister through the game since I had finished it, and then I couldn’t fast travel to any planet past Promethea. I have just fixed it this very moment, and all you have to do is use the console on Sanctuary, navigate to any planet that has disappeared from the fast travel for you, then use the drop pod and the planet should show up again on the fast travel.

Yeah, I tried that but it only unlocked the drop pod fast travel point all the others on that planet were completely gone until I schlep my ass to each point, I really hope there’s a fix for this soon

This is pathetic. I am level 40 and I’m on the last world, so it’s not going to kill me to finish the game, but I wanted to 100 percent it and get the Platinum, but I’m not investing hours upon hours rediscovering fast travels. I will finish the game and be done with it forever, no DLC for me.

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From what it looks like, your save knows what you discovered. For some reason it loaded the progress of a previous character. I feel like somewhere in someone’s game save, that once you complete all 23 chapters, all the maps/planets on story mode should be unlocked.

As for proving grounds, circle of slaughter, and side mission maps, I wouldn’t mind re-visiting those again if I lost my fast travel points again. But I feel if you complete the game, they should code it where it permanently opens up all the story mode maps instead of relying on character progress. (cause the latter is what’s bugged for us right now)