Split Screen Co-op DLC problem

My wife and I play on Xbox One, and usually split screen co-op. We play public usually and now that the new DLC is out we went to play, and it’s stating that she does not have the content. I purchased the season pass on my account through Xbox marketplace. I was under the impression that it would cross over to her profile but it appears to not do that? Am I going to have to throw another 20$ away so that we can play the DLC together? If so, I’m going to throw the game disk in my microwave and find something new to play. Here is to hoping this isn’t some kind of cash grab…

They confirmed a while ago that each individual will have to own the content.

Had I known that I may not of purchased the season pass… I probably would of because I’m a sucker for Gearbox… but I wish that had been made clear before the release of the game. We’re waiting for a crazy season pass sale to maybe get it for my wife.


I will sell this game tomorrow if i cant play splitscreen co-op with the DLC. It was the whole reason i brought it

You can play split screen, but both profiles have to own the season pass. I’ll try and find the link in a little bit and add it.

I just found it with some searching.

Simply unacceptable in this day and age. Seeya Battleborn. It was rad.

You cannot.
@Cyan (parts of this would help you as well)
Like most MOBAs and games that run online, things can be hacked. This is very common in “this day and age.” To prevent crazy shenanigans, everything is stored on their servers. They can’t differentiate between yours and your wife’s accounts, because them being on the same console means nothing when it’s two separate IDs. It’s not a money grab, just the way systems work for more complex online games. If OW DLC cost money (which it doesn’t as the massive publicity fest allows it not to), it would have to do this as well. They were upfront and said it would work this way a very long time ago. I do not remember the exact date, but it’s at or before the release of the game. Still, my apologies, but it is not a cash grab.

Can’t say I blame ya. It’s an awesome game, but their couch co op is the worst part of the game. They need to zoom the Helix system while in split screen so that you can actually see your options. Somehow change that huge 1/3 wasted space for the mini map.

How did Gearbox nail splitscreen so well on Borderlands and have it be so bad on Battleborn?! sigh and then the DLC limited content just adds on to our sad co op experience. Making us pay over $100 (I pre ordered full price) just to have two people be able to play couch co op.

I mean its been done since the dawn of digital downloads, and Battleborn far from the first to do it.