Split screen co-op in 1 account (HELP)

So today I was trying to play with my friend Borderlands 2 with him as a guest, but he’s not able to select my second character, he needs to create a new one at level 1 if he wants to plsy.
I bought this game so I could play with him on split screen, I don’t know why this happens because in the PS3, you could just join as a guest with any character with their normal level.
It is BS because if I select my lvl 72 Gunzerker the guest is going to be lvl 1 and he’s going to get destroyed

Is there any way I can play as a guest with my second character? If it isn’t, I’m going to be so sad and mad at the same time

If it’s any consolation, that’s the way it is on 360 as well. I suspect it’s something to do with the way MS has set up their anti-cheat systems rather than something on GBX’s end.

Here’s how I work around it: I have a guest profile on the box. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to get around the level 72-level 1 problem (no work-around for that unless your friend is playing the game on their own system and can sync their profile to your XB1).

You could, however, both start brand new characters and use them exclusively for split screen play whenever your friend is over. That way they’d always be at the same level, but you could use the stash on your character/profile to transfer any stuff you saved along the way. Just make sure that there is an actual account on the XB1 that your friend can use!