Split-screen co-op

I’m playing split-screen co-op with my girlfriend and I’m second player. All the loot / enemies / and vending machines are set to level one for me. I’m level 21. Player one’s game is fine. It’s player two’s that everything is screwed up. What’s going on here?

Ugh… Split screen is broke. This f#@$#!# game just keeps disappointing doesn’t it. I was hoping it was just the new hotfix, but I’ve went offline and hard reset the PlayStation… Nothing.

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Never heard of that one.
Maybe try switching cooperation <-> coopetiton back and forth. See if it help “remind” the game to drop gear at appropriate level.
I doubt it but cost nothing to try.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve tried EVERYTHING else. I am NOT going to uninstall / reinstall the game. Not worth it anymore.