Split screen in pvp

Will PvP include split screen or is that just campaign?

Splitscreen online confirmed.
Not sure if the second player also needs its own online pass (Xbox Live Gold / PSN)
@JoeKGBX help

Hey dudes! So I’m working on getting a concrete answer for you on this. I’m pretty sure I know what the deal is, but I want to be positive before I bring it to you. Should know for sure tomorrow.


So @JoeKGBX knows it by now, he is just teasing us.

Sorry guys!

So yes, you can play split-screen in PvP mode. The host account will need to have a premium membership (Xbox Gold or PS+), but the other (guest) will not.


hej. I am a bit confused about splitscreen pvp online. When i want to start pvp splitscreen public match it says that one or more friends doesn’t have ps+. Me as a host I have ps+ subscription, but my girlfriend does not. Am I doing something wrong?