Split screen input lag PS4

I’ve been playing Battleborn since the Beta and I haven’t had any issues until I started playing split screen. When we’re playing together, both of us experience crippling input lag during our game. Sometimes it happens for both of us at the same time, sometimes at random moments in the game for one of us at a time. There really is no consistency when this type of lag occurs: it could be at the beginning of the match after leaving base, during a heavy fight with all players present, while running through the map with no one around, etc… It’s gotten so bad that the slightest touch to the analog stick sends the camera spinning. It’s impossible to control, impossible to predict, and has made the game impossible to play.

It is definitely not the connection as we play through an Ethernet cable and connection speed is around ~40mbp/8.5mbp at all times. I have experienced minor game lag in other games, but definitely no input lag. I don’t believe it’s a hardware issue either as my controllers are fairly new, and I haven’t experience similar problems with other games. When I solo I don’t have this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Better yet, anyone have a solution? Any help is appreciated, thanks.