Split-Screen on PC please

Dear Gearbox

Why have you removed split-screen multiplayer from the PC version of Battleborn?! this decision is so stupid and unfair on us PC gamers, add it back in now.

You have zero reason to remove split-screen from the PC, especially in this day and age where this feature is becoming much more common on PC. AAA multiplats are even doing it now with the latest installment of COD:Black Ops 3 which included Split-Screen with Online on PC!

The list of Local Multiplayer games on PC completely dominates the console list, just take a look at this screenshot of my steam librarys ‘local multiplayer’ catagory http://i.imgur.com/QgG8BJ3.png. thats 133 games with local multiplayer! and thats just mine, the list goes on and on. Come visit http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LocalMPG and http://store.steampowered.com/tag/en/Local%20Multiplayer/#p=0&tab=NewReleases to see an extensive list, just search ‘Local Multiplayer’ on the steam store and you’ll find litrully hundreds.

I really don’t understand why you have made this decision after one of your own games ‘Borderlands 2’ and ‘BL2TPS’ have a huge PC community discussing this topic on a daily basis because someone developed a tool that puts split-screen in the game before you even released ‘The Handsome Collection’, It also allows for Multi-Monitor configurations and Higher resolutions like 4K of which the consoles ‘The Handsome Collection’ cannot achieve. Come visit the discussion and download ‘Split-Tool’ here https://steamcommunity.com/app/49520/discussions/0/864977025916708574/

PC has some advantages over consoles with split-screen.
+Better Performance, Better Graphics. console ports often downgrade the graphics in split-screen modes because they struggle to render the game twice even at half the resolution, on PC you don’t have that issue if your PC is good enough.
+4K Resolution (in 4 player split-screen each player would be allocated 1920x1080 pixels to themself!!) I have tried this myself and its amazing.
+Use any controller you want! got fussy friends? well friends at home can mix and match PS3, PS4, 360, XB1 and the SteamController to their hearts content as long as the PS ones are using an xinput converter (DS3tool) you’re good to go.
+No online fees, Did you know if you want to do split-screen with online multiplayer on console you need 2 paying XBL/PSN accounts just to have 2 players play.

Lastly its not fair to expect PC gamers to fork out for 2 copies of a game, and 2 PC’s, just to access the same features consoles get. Everybody knows you can connect a PC to a TV via HDMI cable, its no more difficult than setting up a console. Anyway I don’t want to give a list of reasons why PC is practical for the living room because you should know this by now. My PC is in the living room in fact.

Please sort it out Gearbox.

I assume you’re read my post where I asked if there was going to be a PC splitscreen option (PC splitscreen a thing?).

For people who didn’t read it.
TL:DR: Steam doesn’t support multi-account systems so there is no way to login to two accounts or tracking progression for two players. (You should read Randy’s post though).

And assuming that, you already know why they’re not doing it. I think the reason Randy gave was very good and completely fair. If you think about it this way, if they were to put actual effort into this, they would have to divert effort away from other, probably more important, issues.
Which in turn means other people are going to be disappointed and I think there is a good chance those “other” people (whoever they might be) might be in the majority in a lot of cases.

I personally disagree with the reason just because I don’t think people care that much about progression if it lets them play local multiplayer. However, I can see why they don’t want it a part of their game and I’m fine with that.


Haha its funny because I made this suggestion to steam about multiple steam accounts years ago https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Steam/Suggestions#Log_In_to_Multiple_Steam_Accounts_Simultaneously_in_SteamOS.2FBig_Picture

While I think that is a good reason to not support it, It still should be possible since COD:BLOP3 doesn’t save progression to player 2’s slot, it simply mirrors the stats of player 1’s account. Why don’t they just do that?

I was thinking they could mirror stats as well, since I doubt people care that much about progression.
However, in GB’s response on my thread they said they don’t want to add splitscreen at that cost.
I personally think it’s an okay reason because I, and probably a lot of others, haven’t played the game without progression so we also don’t know how big of an impact not having progression is for the overall game.

Also, too bad Valve haven’t added it yet, seeing as you suggested it that long ago.

Correct, this is a Steam issue. We would love to maintain parity across all platforms and have long suggested this to Valve.


Men you are have the responsability to talk directly with steam, gearbox need to face him users, not hide. Games has this feature, rocket league, black ops iii… i dont know how i can get calm when i see that of steam policy blabla when are so many games can do this… this is not a serious company does… AND MORE WHEN GAME IS DEAD AND WE HAVE 50 PLAYERS ONLINE IN PC EVERYDAY

As mentioned above, it’s a Steam decision. Not Gearbox.

Please raise this issue with Valve. Politely.


steam decision not included to company can tell nothing to steam if users do he dont hear, and man… this not have any sense, when game has released with splitscreen… when borderlands 1,2 and thp have the feature when lot of games has… so that of valve decision sounds like smoke…

Nevertheless, if that’s what gearbox have stated, then that’s the situation. If Steam don’t support dual-accounts, then I don’t see a way forward.

Please read the forum rules to make sure that your passion doesn’t lead you to saying something that might be disrespectful towards Gearbox.

Hey so really you might only need two copies of Bb and one pc to “split screen”. Use virtual machine software like vmware and allocate at least 2 processor cores and 4gb of ram to both your host machine and the virtual machine. Install steam and BB on the virtual machine and play windowed. Works on mid tier hardware with 3.3quad core intel 2015, 8gb ram ddr4, Nvidia k2000. You can even route sound from the virtual machine to separate external audio ports on your host machine.

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This not splitscreen… and not all pcs can run 2 steams and 2 battleborn with sandbox is not my case but i meet some players they cant…

Lol yeah I know not all hardware can handle two steam instances… that is why I posted my specs (which are mid tier; real PC players have much better). I am merely providing insight on how to let two people play at once on one machine. I think split screen capability on PC is limited by Steam’s TOS so… lifehacking is your only solution.

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