Split screen - online multiplayer?

Hello everyone,
I’ve been a borderlands fan and haven’t picked up the pre-sequel yet. Now that the Handsome Collection is coming out…I figure it might be a good time to pick it up on my ps4. My question is though I hear the ability to play split screen up to 4 players. Now will I be able to play split screen online multiplayer like call of duty? For example my friend and I play on the same television, connect online and play with 2 other people over psn, or 3 people play on the same tv and connect with 1 random person over psn.
thanks for the replies in advance!

Considering you can do it on ps3 (it lags like hell though) I assume you can do it with at least 2 people on ps4, and probably 3.

That is one of CODs most underrated features though, they’ve supported splitscreen/offline bots, say what you will but 4 player Vs 8 Bots at Domination is hella fun

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I did a test this morning on xbox one. I think it will do that. I’ll have to try letting someone connect to my game next and then adding local non-gold accounts.

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Cool! Can’t wait for your reply!

Good news! I joined someone’s game this morning using my gold account with a split screened in non-gold account. Fantastic!

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