Split screen performance

Any pointers on improving performance on split screen?

Using PS4 pro with performance mode enabled and getting very low frame rate.


On Pro you should have the option to prioritize frame rate or resolution. I don’t know if that carries over to split-screen as well but, if it does, that would be one option. The other would be to play with the FoV slider and reduce the amount of content that needs to be rendered per frame.

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We have the “performance” option selected (over resolution) and both have FOV at absolute lowest values.

Having menus open seems to make the issue significantly worse - maybe 2 or 3fps


Im getting the same issue. PS4 Pro with an SSD, running in performance mode. The game runs fine but if 1 person opens the menu, the other person has to stop playing and wait.

Makes me want to return it and wait till its fixed.


Having the same issue too with everything set to optimise performance.
It’s currently worse than BL2 split-screen lag .
Add the fact there’s only horizontal split-screen at the moment and it was a disappointing first few hours.


Dito. You can’t play while one player switches weapons in the menu. This needs a bugfix otherwise split screen is terrebly annoying


Yeah, but the only horizontal split screen I think is even more annoying. Although the lag is pretty horrible too


I play Borderlands 3 on a PS4 Pro in performance mode and the lag is awful in split-screen.

Whenever me or my girlfriend are in the menu, the game freezes for a bit at every input. It’s barely playable in this state.

It’s honestly one of my worst experiences on PS4 and I might not consider buying another Gearbox’s game if it’s not fixed.


Its feeling like an untested product. How could anyone at gearbox think the splitscreen is playable?


Split screen seems like an afterthought with BL3. The current horizontal split only seems completely untested. Vertical split screen is not included. Between the lag, impossible to read menus and item descriptions, enemies that seem to completely disappear. the game is completely unplayable. 0/10.


They released like never played by tester or fan before, I can accept if they use minimal HUD like BL2 just play by smoothly than this. PS4 pro on performance mode but fps and smoothly are still worst than BL2 PS3 version. Atleast I wish support already knew and try to fix this by first priority.


Perhaps all the test versions were PC and none were of the PS4 or Xbox that allowed them to try split screen cause i am sure this issues would be brought up by anyone who has played the previous game


The menu lag is bad when one player opens it, but nearly freezes the game up if both players are in the menus.


If they really didn’t test on PS4/Xbox, then someone majorly failed the QA process


Just wanted to chime in too. Playing with my daughter split-screen on xbox one x. I took extra time off work to play with her this weekend. Very disappointing experienced. We tromped through some story missions, but it was grueling. Horizontal split screen sucks - she’s particularly upset by that change. Note that when she’s looking at stats of guns they break into my half of the screen (wth?) covering the cetner of my view. Performance is abysmal - I set us to Performance mode to start us off thinking that would be best for split-screen. It was BAD. Very chopping - not sure how many fps exactly, but from my (vast) experience with games, I’d say twenty to twenty five fps. I eventually thought “ef it” and set us to Resolution. And that actually smoothed out the fps! I have to imagine it’s running closer to thirty now. It feels more playable. We still run into the vicious fps drops when one of us is in the character menu with inventory and quests and stuff.

Pretty disappointing. Borderlands is our game - she started playing the original with me when she was eight, and after that we graduated to Borderlands 2 and put hundreds of hours into it together. Pretty sad experience. I hope a patch is coming out QUICK - best case her and I will be able to play tomorrow without the issues? That would be awesome.

My buddy and I have been enjoying the game on PS4 splitscreen quite a bit. While we haven’t had quite the dramatic reaction to some of the bugs, I feel it’s worth adding to the discussion:

  1. Framerate/Performance in menus: Things are laggy when a player has the menu open. Probably the hardest hitting, but certainly not unplayable.
  2. Menu glitches: Guns in the menu will look like other guns, or shields, or anything really. The correct stats are displayed, but it gets a bit confusing.
  3. Ammo Shops: The display in the bottom left that shows what ammo I currently have (50/80 shotgun, 100/200 pistol, etc.) is covered up by a gold “Sale!” when I buy ammo for one gun. The “Sale!” stays there for a very long time and makes it impossible to see what other ammo types I’m missing. Sure, the shop will tell me if I’m full, but otherwise I have no idea. Small glitch, mildly annoying, just get rid of the “Sale!” thing.
  4. When instigating a trade, the receiving player is told to “push” the large middle PS button. For a while we were confused on what button it was saying, since it gives a visual clue. Turns out you have to hold the button. Hopefully there is a patch that will change the wording. Not the biggest deal, we were kind of dumb about it.

All in all, I’m having so much fun that I’m probably going to buy the game again just for myself. Despite the lack of Steam availability and the day 1 glitches, I’m happy with Borderlands 3 so far, it’s a blast to play. I’m sure Gearbox will respond soon with some patches and we’ll all remember the funny bad patches as a distant memory… Good times.


I got this from GB:

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to our very own 2K Support on Pandora!

I’m sorry to hear that some game-play features in Borderlands 3 are causing you some inconveniences. I understand that you would like for vertical split-screen to be put in the game, I myself am more partial to that layout, however, we have no direct line to the development team. Might I suggest that you voice your concerns in the forums? It is a place for players to give feedback and communicate with each other, as well as a place that the developers look through, making it possible for ideas to be put into their games. I also recommend keeping your eyes glued to @2K, @GearboxOfficial, and @Borderlands for the latest info or updates that are being made to the game.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to let me know.


Sanjeev K.
2K Support

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I have been doing just this, all the things Sanjeev here suggests. So far, we have heard nothing from Gearbox. This coop splitscreen issue is major. They need to tell us they are going to provide vertical splitscreen soon!


They really just told me to “clear my cache” -_-

Thanks for reaching out to 2K Support.

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these issues but let’s see what I can do!

First, we’ll try a cache clear . This works for many issues, so please try it out!

Hopefully that helped! If not, we can next try a complete re-install of the game - don’t forget to backup your files ! You can find the steps on re-installation listed here

If you’re still experiencing the issue after all that, it may be related to your connection. To continue troubleshooting, click the this link to check out our General Network Troubleshooting Guide

I look forward to your response!

Take care,

Chris B.
2K Support

Just adding my experience; I’m on a regular PS4 playing with a reduced FOV in split screen and every time either player tries to access a shop, Catch-A-Ride or Echo screen the game starts to stutter like crazy for both players. Menu navigation becomes slow, button inputs often fail to register and any player who is still playing the game will find themselves hanging up repeatedly until the other player closes their menu.

We’ve even had one experience of the game crashing after we had been in the menus for a while, it seemed to gradually slow down until it crashed.