Split Screen Problems and Feature Requests

Hello guys.

So, with my gf, we just spent about 12 hours of split-screen gameplay in borderlands 3 on ps4. We’re glad that BL3 includes this feature, but it’s sooo laggy and unfinished, that now it feels that we’re playing a beta version of split screen experience.

So what are the biggest problems?

1. Extreme lags when one player enters his echo device
Guys, this is really insane. When one of the players enters his inventory or whatever and starts browsing his items, skills etc., the game starts lagging terribly. Another player has to just stop playing for a moment. If the player is in the fight, he just dies sometimes. Maybe you can try to disable some animations, I don’t know, but this REALLY needs to be fixed asap.

2. Tiny minimap, mission (and options) texts
Believe me, we’ve a huuge tv hanging on our wall, but from the couch, we just can’t read a sh… we can’t read anything written in the mission overview. Also the minimap should be possible to make bigger.

3. Vertical split screen
Make it happen. Please. TV’s screens are wide these days and it makes sense to just split them vertically.

4. Can’t see a waypoint to another player on minimap
On BL2’s minimap, one could see a “waypoint” to the another player, who was out of your minimap field. It would be great to add this feature in BL3 too.

5. Flakk’s pet’s healthbar not visible
If you’re playing flakk in solo, there’s a little healthbar for your pet, isn’t it? In split screen it isn’t…

Thank you guys for reading this. I hope you’ll fix these, especially those small texts and the lags, that make BL3 barely playable in split screen. Thank you so much and have a great day :slight_smile:


Vertical splitscreen is not a request, it is a necessity. The game is unplayable through thin letterslots. This is a major problem. We desperately need vertical splitscreen!


We need to keep this issue visible.


Remember to send in a ticket to Gearbox and 2K both.


Already did :slight_smile:


Good job!


They just answered me by sending the link to this forum :smiley:


Concordo com todos os tópicos citados, a experiência de jogar coop local em tela dividida na horizontal e ridícula. Minha TV e de 42’ E tenho que levantar do sofá e ficar proximo a televisão para ler qualquer coisa. Joguei somente 1 vez e estou aguardando uma atualização para jogar novamente.


Thanko yo foro sopoporto :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s time.


It’s been a month, we still need vertical splitscreen.