Split Screen PVE characters do not share loot. Bug?

When you play private split screen, you see notifications, like “Edgewriter has found epic gear for the team”, Then at the end of the match, only edgewriter gets the gear. From what others have said, this is not the case in public pve. Supposedly everyone gets the gear so if one person runs around collecting it all, you don’t get screwed.

I have never picked up a legendary playing solo or public pve. The only two leg I have are from finishing lore for Oscar Mike and Caldarius. But twice while split screening with my wife she has picked up a Leg and I didn’t get one.

Was this intentional by the Dev’s or is this a bug? If it is intentional, why? Why notify I pick up an item for the team, but then only give it to me?

You don’t always get the same tier, but you should get gear regardless. I haven’t had that issue yet and I play split screen daily. Must be a bug if you’re getting nothing. Online, I’ve had 2 people get legendary and the other two get rare/epic from the same pickup, though.

Just last night, playing Algorithm, my wife had six pieces of gear at the end doing splitscreen. I had Zero.

If you don’t have the gear, it must be a bug. My husband and I play all the time. I tend to play faster characters than he does, so I just grab chests so he can catch up or punch things in the face. While in the results screen it usually only shows me with the gear pickups, he’ll have the same amount of gear in his bank after the match.

Challenge packs notwithstanding of course.

Okay so after the match the gear she gets I do also even though it doesn’t show on my results screen? I guess that’s possible and I didn’t notice? however I have never gotten a legendary from drops while she has, so maybe the number of gear is correct but the quality is randomized? Strange . . .

Once in a great while one of us will get a better quality on something than the other. While they are almost always different drops, they’re usually the same amount and qualities.

The only time we both got the exact same gear drop, was when Geoff dropped his legendary for us. I would test it by running a mission with her, watching how much gear you each get at the end, then going to your actual gear page and sorting by newest. Have a look there, if it’s not matching up, I’d say something is bugged.

I’ll do this tonight. look at my gear before and after the match. If I didn’t get the same amount of gear as her that shows it’s bugged.

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Okay, we played just a bit ago. I had my wife pick up all the gear that fell. At the end of the mission as the tally screen is going, she got seven pieces of gear. I earned a skin, but no gear. Afterwards I went to my gear page and sure enough, there were seven new pieces of gear there. So that’s good.

I wonder if the two times she got legendaries and I didn’t had to do with the Corpse Reviver helmet. It shows up as a Legendary but has the stats of a Purple rarity. She did have two of them at one time. I don’t think so, though. I swear that it was one of her other legendaries.

Anyway, if anyone knows different about the way gear is distributed, let me know.