First off…when are we going to see gameplay?? I’m worried that some characters’ weapons will be too big to really see. Also, can we do split screen in ALL modes, or JUST the co-op campaign?

Lastly, can the two players be on different teams in multiplayer? It would be great to be able to get a full 5v5 match with 5 tvs running in the same room :grin:

PvP split-screen online is yes. same team i reckon because of unfair advantage if you get the other team intel. or make it a 5 vs 4 game.

There is some split-screen footage in the gamescom trailer

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I LOVE that the guest doesn’t need a premium membership to play online. Right now I have 1 PS+ account for myself, and my SO has an unpaid account. I was dreading having to buy a second subscription just so we could play together, but that isn’t the case with Battleborn. Go GBX, keepin the couch alive!

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