Split screen sucks

Split screen is ttttteeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiibbbblllleeeeee. A fourth of my screen in split screen is taken up by an empty blue box and inside half of that unused space is an oversized map. This is a serious problem. I have to see super close to my 40" TV just to see what is happening on my screen. This needs to be fixed badly. We complained about it in the beta and it still has not been addressed.

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This actually killed my initial experience to be honest. I got the game and Day one my buddy dropped by. we are Borderlands old timers so, this being GBX we assumed they would do like Borderlands 2 right? A nice even and clean vertical split or a horizontal one. Nope. The abomination we got - even on my massive 46 inch LED screen- ruined our eyes just to see the helix. I hope in some future patch GBX just goes back to the old Border style split, with a tweaked HUD just snapped in the corner.


I have a 60 inch and my wife and I had to move our couch closer to like 4 feet away from the tv. Kind of ridiculous

I gave the same issue and will let you know that I got a response. They are looking into fixing it but will not have a definitive fix immediatly. Thus is something that will probably be taken care of on one of their large “monthly patches” after they have fleshed out a plan to make it better. They are not ignoring the complaints about split-screen though.


I am patient and can wait

Sweet. I figured if they did tweak it, it’d be in a monthly patch. It’s not a hotfix issue after all. Good news indeed.

You make posts and post about this often, the horse is dead!

I understand its frustrating and I agree, its a pretty junk experience right now. But they know about it and honestly they have quite a bit on their plate before they can tackle the big task of fixing up split screen.

We should be patient and stop making new posts about this known issue.


I agree I have posted about it a lot because I have not seen any acknowledgement of this problem that is plaguing people’s experience with this game.

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Good to know, thanks I did not know this.

"Next three topics are split screen, matchmaking and ranked mode.

  1. Acknowledges issues with split screen. PC split screen is not really do-able due to the way to Valve handles accounts. Steam can’t handle multiple accounts logged in on one machine, therefore that’s a tough thing to overcome in PC. It’s not going to happen in the short term, if Valve changes in the future they will revisit.

On consoles, they are looking at the issues and they are working on it. He stated that it is an “extremely expensive” to work on split screen (by expensive, he means there’s a lot of fiddly code stuff with re-positioning HUD features, etc.) It’s labor intensive, dozens and dozens of elements across three platforms. They’re working on seeing what they can fix immediately with a micro patch, and weighing the time it would take to crank out major split screen fixes against implementing ranked mode. He didn’t say that they won’t get it done, but it’s a matter of where best to allocate programming resources"

Honestly the whole thing is worth a read, it helped me calm down. I wanted answers and this gave me what I was looking for.


Thx for that link @Falroth gonna check it out myself. But I figured split screen was a huge task anyway. Likely why so few games actually have it these days which is sad but reality. Hope they can find a workable solution for everyone.

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Awesome, thanks a lot for the info, now I feel silly for feeling unheard.

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I felt the exact same way, they aren’t making it well known that they are listening and that doesn’t feel good as someone who wants to support them hahaha

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Thank you for posting this! :smiley:

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Maybe they were going the Ninja route with us. Secretly listening and making us think they were ignoring us, only to drop a huge improvement a while down the line just so they could be like " HA! NINJA FIX!" :acmmeh:

I’m patient so long as I know we are being heard I’m cool with whatever they do and however long they take. - while being very passive aggressive and asking " is it done yet" every 20 seconds_ LOL

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