Split screen text size

Hi support.
In split screen mode, the font size is too small to see. BL2 had no such problem.


Having the same issue, but on PS4. The text size is ridiculously small. It’s giving me and my girlfriend major headaches just trying to decipher gun stats or enemy names.

(playing on a 50" 1080p screen, about 6 feet away)


Definitely same here on xbox. It is killing me. I’m trying to learn the new menu and i cant see anything.


I also can’t read any of the text unless I am standing right up to the TV. On Xbox 1.


I believe the problem is the same in all consoles. PS4 user here, UI text is ridiculously small. I need a confirmation that something will be done about it or I’m asking for a refund in 24h.


There are bad reviews about this all over the internet. They need to get back to everyone and let us know if and when they plan on fixing this! Being able to read my menu is kind of an essential part of playing this game!!!


Borderlands 1 and 2 had Vertical Split Screen and they decided to take it away on 3?
Very bad decision.


Yeah my wife and I are honestly having a hard time playing the game the text size is so small.
I have to walk up to the screen to read anything. It’s not great.
The minimap is also completely impossible to read too. It’s basically a postage stamp on the screen.


Same problem here, there is really alot of space in the box that comes out but the text is just too tiny and didnt use up that space. Also… why no vertical split…


Oh gods please. I managed 2 hours before my head hurt too much to play anymore, and we’ve been waiting for this so excitedly.


same here. playing splitscreen on ps4 on a roughly 50-inch screen. some toggles for that would be very nice.


We have a 60 inch screen and we moved the couch closer to it and still found it unplayable. Plus, why can’t you make more than 1 character at a time? I didn’t like Zane and wanted to switch and I had to go into the Xbone memory settings and delete my entire saved game. If there’s an option in the game to make multiple characters, it’s well hidden.

But seriously, the split screen optimization is utter garbage.


It’s not just on split screen. Even in single player mode the fonts are way too small and the overall design of the player inventory and skills screens makes them almost impossible to read. I have to walk up to my TV and squint and it’s still not easy to figure them out. On split screen everything is hard to see.


Same here. Same issue. Hubby and I were so excited only to start and get a headache shortly after. I’ve been a loyal BL fan since the beginning. No such issues with 1 or 2 or even the Pre sequel. Text size needs be like the previous games and need vertical split screen


Same I waited for this, just for couch CoOp. I feel kinda sad the vertical split is not there but WHY IS THE TEXT so tiny??my S.O and my eyes gave up after an hour…when we were energy drink ready to say up all night playing:(


I think either New Game on first screen or Load Character (don’t remember exact name) there should give you an option to create new one. Is BL3 your first Borderlands game?

No need to delete your current characters.

I’ve played literally every single BL title and DLC ever released and I spent 20 minutes last night looking for the option to create an additional character and it’s just not there. And again, if it is, I can’t find it and it’s not obvious at all.

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Same here on XBOX1. My husband was literally sitting 2 feet from the TV to read it. The second player not having mission objectives on their split also doesn’t help.


When you load the game, after you hit Play on the main screen there are 3 options:

Continue - keep going with your current character
New game - start from scratch with whoever you want
Load Character - choose one of existing character or create new one.

More or less the same behavior as BL1/2…

Yeah, I found it today when I turned the game on, but yesterday when I hit start, it just started and didn’t have that interim screen.

But it’s there now for sure and working.