Split Screen - Too Small (please fix!)

Hi Everyone, my girlfriend and I got this game to play together and we’re having amazing fun. Our biggest issue is the size of the screen in split screen mode. Holy crap does the radar/info area on the left take up a ton of room!! Has anyone heard from gearbox on whether they are going to update this? Split screen is a huge feature and the size of the split can impact fun at points when stuff is getting nuts. Hope a dev sees this! Thanks for reading :slight_smile: -Stivx


Sadly it needs to be this way to preserve aspect ratio.

Yes, yes! A thousand times, yes. This is my biggest gripe about the game. I can deal with everything else. My husband and I play together on a 50" screen which makes graphics on all other games look beautiful. The text is so tiny on Battleborn split screen couch co-op. It’s ridiculous. They did not use space correctly in the design. The big black bars on the left side of the screen with the mini maps are taking up so much unneeded space.

If they are going to take up so much space on the left side, maybe they could add some helpful information such as: 1) a countdown timer since they insist on a time limit for the sake of the servers 2) your character rank and command rank.

I really really hope they fix the teeny tiny text on the split screen soon. We will keep playing together because we love the game but ouch, my eyes.

I also hope they give us a vertical split screen option (like in Borderlands) because that would be even better. :slight_smile:


Wait! This game has split screen!? Sweet!

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someone posted this pic. it’s near impossible to read about your abilities when you open the helix menu



Right?! It’s also difficult to read the text when a new mini challenge pops up in mid game. Example: “Destroy 5 barrels.” I have to jump off the couch and move closer to the TV to see what I need to do to win the challenge.

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Yep, this was me last night, jumping off the couch to read things for my wife and me. I’d love options for “normal” vertical and horizontal split-screen, but at the same time I’m so grateful we even have split-screen. :slight_smile:


It’s stupid that I have a huge tv and a 1/3rd of it has to go to the map. This isn’t split screen, this is split up your screen and dumb. Once again I feel lied to by a game developer.


Let’s stick the topic and not discussing other users.

No exceptions.

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Thanks for all your replies… glad to see I’m not the only one feeling the pain!


I agree got a 40 inch tv and it is too small and need to make the letters bigger so we can read


-gets telescope to read helix-


Lol my buddies and I had the same issue and managed to find a simple solution. We moved the couches forward until we could read the text. I like this screen division because it increases the amount of vertical view space and makes it far easier to see what’s going on. When you take a widescreen and chop it in half, you get virtually no vertical view space. If tv’s were square this wouldn’t be an issue. Is it a coincidence that couch co-op is being slowly phased out of triple A fps’s? I think not

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My girl and I ended up moving the coffee table out of the way and using our PC chairs so we could get closer. It helps a little :wink:

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Hope this can be addressed at some point, would be very welcome. Its so hard to read abilities on split screen


I think all they really need to do to fix this is make the map smaller by reduced ratio similar to the screen. I would say share a minimap, but i realize more dynamic co-ops would be at a disadvantage with perhaps a locked or moving shared minimap. The other thing i swear is missing is the ability in option to change the ratio of your hub and players weapon blocking your first- person view. Montanna is a perfect example when played co-op he is annoying blocking the little amount of screen i have left. I swear in beta there was an option for this, as in now there is not, but perhaps I am making a mistake.

I plan on couch coop playing this too. Hope it gets improved.

My gf and I have the same issue but we can’t move the couch closer. We have a 50 inch and it’s almost impossible to read. I only know what to pick bc I can remember most of my abilities enough that seeing one word is enough to remind me but it’s still a pain having to memorize this. I’d rather have no mini map than this. Why doesn’t single player need this cut of the screen if the aspect ration is an issue. If anything it’s just poor design needing this portion taken up. Bl had no issue with splitscreen. I’m really disappointed bc splitscreen is a hugely important aspect of a game to me. Still love BB though but please fix this Gearbox!!


Yes it does. It’s a big reason why I love this game and Gearbox. They know how to fill an important hole in the current gaming communities that lack such a great option.

There’s plenty of others that feel the same. I first posted about this during the game’s release here (I think it was then anyway):

Mind you, several others did it in the Beta. Hopefully someone is going to working on it.

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