Split-screen (Vertical) - Scope misaligned (sniper)

Looks like the patch notes say this is fixed but despite running the latest (huge) patch, my aiming scope is still misaligned. EDIT: Only in the pre-sequel - BL2 is fine.

Conditions to replicate:

  • Split screen two players - Vertical (not the default which is horizontal)
  • Use the starting Sniper gun (baroness character) EDIT: Any scoped gun!
  • Aiming clearly shows the scope is misaligned. When I fire on a wall the bullet appears a foot to the right

I have a screenshot showing the gun scope alignment out of wack if it’s needed. Just lemme know.


Passing on to the team. Thanks!


having the exact same issue… unable to play with any scoped weapon!

You can play with a sniper still. You just have to adapt until they fix it (or be able to tolerate horizontal which i wouldn’t recommend if your capable of adapting). I’ve learned how to aim the sniper so you should be able to hit the crit for now. The shot is to the right so aim at the left edge of there head and you should hit the crit almost every time.

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Having the same issue here.

Having the same issue, even though this error applies not only to sniper rifles, but other weapons too (since the range is smaller, you often won’t notice the misalignment…). Still, this is a very annoying bug, since some sniper rifles only have a dot in the middle and not a lot of reference lines around which could be used to compensate for the problem. It is very annoying especially if you like to play a rather ranged build instead of close combat. In the three sessions I played with my gf, we always got very frustrated to the point of just ragequitting… Please fix this issue as fast as possible, even if it’s just a horrible hack/workaround…

More, maybe interesting Info:

  • Playstation and Borderlands are (as of today) up to date
  • I have a 55 inch Samsung tv

Yeah the problem happens with all guns for me but only in split-screen.

Yeah, it’s all guns, not only snipers. I’ll edit my first post to refect.

Also, I forgot to mention this only affects the PRE-SEQUEL portion of this collection. Borderlands II is perfectly fine in Vertical split-screen. My wife and I switched to play BL2 first as we wait for the pre-sequel patch.

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My husband and I have been playing TPS and the Clappy DLC so far and both have this issue. We played BL2 split-screen and online with our son and his wife who were split screen the other night. There was so much chaos with our audio, I didn’t even pay attention if there was an issue with the sights. I will have to next time we play with them.


I did not have this problem in BL2, only in THC:TPS. Even though we only played BL2 with three instead of two people, so I don’t know for sure if this maybe only affects two-player mode.

Good to hear. I will have to check out what it does for me in split-screen BL2.

I’m having a similar issue in online co-op, sometimes after exiting a vehicle if I’m using a scoped weapon and try to zoom in rather than seeing the view down the scope I just see the normal HUD but without the hip fire crosshairs, makes it almost impossible to aim from mid to long range or at crit points.

Sometimes it fixes itself after changing areas but not always, usually I quit then rejoin the game and it’s fixed until I enter another vehicle

Looks likely that the team will get a fix in for this in the next update. Too early to make any promises yet, but things seem to be coming along.

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Great to hear! Thanks!

I’m having the same problem here, playing it in split screen(vertical).
I really hope you guys fix it since i’ve played all BL titles in split screen co op (all lv,l chars and expansions) and now, we are basically cutting out from the game the sniping aspect since some sniper rifles are so bugged that the shot hits almost out from the scope view.

I just want to say how awesome it is that you game as a family. Need more families like this!

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I agree. I think more parents (young and older) should take an interest in their children’s gaming. We were young parents and loved video games ourselves so we have always been involved and encouraged our sons’ gaming on both consoles and PC. Our 3 sons are adults now, ages 29, 26 and 23 and they are all IT professionals and avid gamers. Gaming has always been something that bonds our family. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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I have the same problem, I don’t know the extension of it but so far every sniper weapon I use in PS4 The Pre-Sequel when playing split-screen (2-player) has this problem.
It would be nice to get a ETA for a fix. It’s been a few week since I purchased the game now, and I think it’d be reasonable to expect to be able to aim properly in a FPS. Besides I bought it 100% for the co-op play so a 100% of my playing experience is kinda crappy up to now.
Besides that… awesome game, as usual.

Whats happening gearbox? is this just one of those things you are not going to give a â– â– â– â–  about? stop wasting time on â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  and fix this, or at least let us know that you are going to.

As mentioned a few weeks ago – this fix will be included in the next update :slight_smile: