Split Screen Weapon popup

While playing splitscreen with my wife she would look at a weapon that was on the ground for the stats and her weapon popup would block OVER 1/3rd of my screen right in the middle from the top to bottom while I was still shooting at people effectively fighting blind. I have now added the screen shots mind you this is when 2nd player was looking at weapons not me.

PS4 console. Will add screen shot after work.


Horizontal split screen for the win … :frowning:
I encounter the exact same thing every evening. Not that I am not willing to put up with the new and only split screen option - I try my best. But these are the little things that drive me mad.

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This could all be solved - plus many more issues - by providing vertical split screen in coop. Just as Borderlands has alway had in the past!

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I love that Borderlands has had splitscreen as these have been great games to play with my daughter. There are some issues going on in BL3, like the one you mentioned, and the menu issues that lag everyone, but I think they are working to fix them. My last playthrough I had a popup about a friend killing another enemy on their playthrough that stayed up there until I closed the game completely, and I have had times when I highlighted a weapon on the ground and had to pull up the menu to make the stats go away. That said, these aren’t really game breaking, just a little annoying at times. Still a great game so far!

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