Splitscreen 4 players ? Vertical splitscrenn?

So the thing is, this game is amazing but theres one thing that is really pissing me off with bl3. The splitscreen. Its actually funny that the new game dont have half of the splitscreen options that the older ones had. (Besides the optimization complaints) i remember when i played bl2 with my cousins in xbox 360 and we liked it so much because we all could play togheter and everything was so good, we liked so much that we bought the handsome collection and played it all again to prepare for bl3, and now, we cant even play togheter anymore, that really sucks, specially because they dont own a console or pc.


Hi, we’d like to play coop local with 3 friends on borderlands3, is it not possible a 4 split screen with x box one please? It seems to work with series x? But what about the new series S please? Thank you very much.

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