Splitscreen for Borderlands 3

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Splitscreen gaming is a dying feature in today’s video game market. With the inclusion of online multiplayer in nearly EVERY major title, many developers are reaping the benefits of one player per console. Even franchises that built their name on splitscreen gaming such as Halo have migrated to one player per screen claiming that in order to provide a higher frame rate, the game will no longer support splitscreen play.

So what are the chances that Borderlands will also migrate to one player per screen? There’s talk that Borderlands 3 will move into the realm of mini MMOs such as Destiny and the Division, but of course it’s just talk. If Borderlands went this route, it will undoubtedly cause controversy in the community, but what’s the solution to the splitscreen dilemma, or is there even a dilemma to be solved?

Personally, I don’t mind splitscreen with the larger televisions that are made today. However, it definitely dilutes the visual effects of games due to the narrower visual scope. Playing with a friend usually is a fair trade off for this sacrifice in my opinion.

What do you guys think?

  1. Does Borderlands need to consider moving into the quasi MMO realm?

  2. Strictly online multiplayer and no splitscreen.

  3. It ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Splitscreen is fine.

  4. Invent a new way to play with people in the same room.

(Australian Lite™) #2

Borderlands’s culture is heavily build around the couch-coop splitscreen players. Whilst you can see why they may choose to do so in the name of better visuals, as modern consoles may not be able to support splitscreen at 60fps, it would be rather limiting to the feel of the game. The age of being able to just plunk yourself down on a couch with a friend and play would be dead in its boots.

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Maybe I’m missing it but your answer seems ambiguous. Do you think BL3 will continue it or no?

(Australian Lite™) #4

No, apologies, it was rather ambiguous. I would like to hope that they do, but I can see why they would not. I don’t think they will go towards the MMO route, but they may do a similar thing to Battleborn and require both players to own separate copies of the game to play splitscreen.

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Thanks, I hope so too. My wife and I have always played split screen. There will be hell to pay if it’s not an option.

(PerfectNero) #6

No, unless you wish your game to dip below 30fps.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #7

I think splitscreen is fine, though with many PCs having more than one video output, an option for the second player to be on one of the other outputs seems like it’d be nice.

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Only would dip below if you opted for split screen, right?

(Geonessary) #9

Randy has said that him and his wife love splitscreen… I think that’s confirmation that splitscreen will remain.

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I’ll have to double check, but I’m pretty sure he talked about how him and his wife still love playing BL1 & 2 on the couch together during an interview on The Nerdist Podcast. This was before Battleborn was even announced, but I think he’d still fancy couch co-op.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #12

I’ll add a second anecdotal source for that… I thought I read it somewhere, but it may very well have been a transcript of one of those interviews.

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I hope you are right


Yeah, he’s said this publicly a few times in various interviews and podcasts, most recently on his nerdvana live podcast.
Whether that confirms that it will be in any theoretically-possible-unannounced-as-yet-game-potentially-in-the-Borderlands-series is a whole different thing. They can’t always achieve everything they want.

Btw, TPUAYGPITBS is my new name for BL3.

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I like how it’s so hard to pronounce.



Bit of a work in progress, I guess.

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Watch your mouth :wink:

(Angelor2000) #18

Same here - my S.O. and I really enjoy being able to play split-screen together with no outside interference.

(Maizenblueman77) #19

Big part of why I started playing this franchise was the couch co-op with my wife.
We played and grinded BL1 up until the week BL2 came out. If it doesn’t…our hearts will be broken.