Splitscreen issue BL1 360 version on XB1X

I have an Xbox One X, I am playing from a 360 disc version of BL1 splitscreen. I am unable to select a profile for player 2. It is always a level 1 character without the ability to log in with a user profile. The option is not there at all to select anything but guest. In game, when you go to splitscreen, I am able to select player one profile, but when player two activates their controller there is not an option, it goes straight to guest and the notice that progress will not be saved.

I have tried both options of the Player 2 controller being logged in or out of the profile we are trying to use. Does anyone else have this issue? If someone else has had this issue, or has figured this out, please feel free to chime in.

I am trying to keep with the exact console/player set up as I just introduced BL1 to my daughter and we had such a blast playing together and we were pretty bummed that we lost all that progress on her character. Just bought the XB1X and don’t want to go back to 360 after getting a new console.

Thanks All

This works for me on original XB1 using the backwards compatible (360) version of BL1 and should be the same for you.

  • Sign in with both accounts on the XB1
  • Player 1 launches the game
  • Player 1 presses Start and selects “Split-screen”
  • Player 2 presses Start
  • If player 2’s GT is not showing:
    • player 2 presses both the start and menu buttons simultaneously
    • player 2 signs in through the 360 dialogue
      • This may trigger a sign in on the XB1 as well. If it does, you may need to exit and restart the game
  • You should now have both GT’s visible on screen
    • Player 1 chooses “select character” in top-left under “Options”
    • Player 2 chooses “select character” in bottom-right just below “Player 2”
  • Select “Play Game”

That should work. I’d post a screen shot, but BL1 has screen shots and video capture disabled for some obscure reason.

Note that this only accesses saves from your original 360 if they were in the Cloud Sync folder (requires XBL Gold for each account on 360 even if you are sharing your XBL subscription on XB1(X)) Saves created in the b/c version on XB1(X) should always be available for both accounts regardless of XBL Gold status.

This solved my problem to a T. Thank you so much for taking the time to help. My 10 year old and I are now working our way through her first BL playthrough. You were 100% correct about the cloud saves. It doesn’t look like our 360 save will be able to port back to the XB1X.