Splitscreen on Pc Version is from highest priority

Hello Gearbox, i love your game (also the previous ones :)), but dont get me wrong, why the hell have you not included a splitscreen mode like for the consoles?
In my opinion this is fraud on the people who buy this game on PC, if i had knewn this before i wouldnt have bought it. Please be so kind and add a splitscreen mode via your next upcomming updates. There is no reason that you have not included it for the PC version, if you have a plausible one please feel free and share your wisdom with me.
And please dont come with demanding power and things like this ive read on gaming pages, because a Pc is typically way stronger than a console.
All users who read this please share it and take part in this topic, because if maybe enough people share their opinion on this gearbox changes it.
Thanks a lot
From an upset Borderlands fan

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