Splitscreen overhaul when?

I was optimistic with all the UI and performance fixes in the Winter Update that perhaps the splitscreen interface would get some love.

I was disappointed to find that one of the most maligned features of the game - being its poor splitscreen layout and lack of customisation options - remains untouched (horizontal split only, small fonts not scaled up, no minimap option but radar on splitscreen despite 1/3 the display being dedicated to map etc).

I know the devs have acknowledged splitscreen as in need of a re-work but it has been repeatedly pushed to the back of the queue among other, more pressing, problems.

That’s fair enough, but now that a large performance patch has dropped I’d like to revisit the topic.

Anything incoming @Jythri @JoeKGBX ?

Thanks in advance.


I can’t speak to where this sits on the team’s priority list, but I can tell you that it’s a topic of conversation. Everyone here wants Battleborn to be the best game it can be for all players and I think we agree that splitscreen is a piece of that puzzle.


I play alongside my wife every night .
My brothers play splitscreen and some of my other couple friends do too. you are practically the only game with it at the minute which for my circle of gaming couples makes you a must buy.

That being said they find it difficult to read the helix in splitscreen because of text size.

I’d be happy with a scaling of the text for helix if its the only thing you change
its the only thing that really makes me feel like im playing in a smaller window.

since update second player has lost the ability to enter shift codes.
It would have been nice to share access to ops when in splitscreen too.


Ive noticed the shift code problem too when my girlfriend tried entering Aliani’s black skin code recently