Splitscreen: Vending machine mirroring and Loot-Luck-Bug

Haven’t found a topic concerning this problem or a general thread for splitscreen issues, so I’m posting this here.

I noticed 2 annoying issues:

  1. When one player is accessing a vendor, and a second player also accesses a vending machine (doesn’t need to be the same) the icons for the loot in the inventory will start to mirror. Guns look like Shields from the other player, a shotgun has the picture from the other players inventory and so on. Makes selling stuff annoying, because you’ll have to wait till the other players finished otherwise you don’t see what you’re selling.

  2. With instanced loot turned on Legendaries and purple gear beside guaranteed drops or golden chests will almost exclusive drop for player 2 and the drop rate seems amped up. It’s ridiculous. My GF got legendaries like crazy, first kill, no farming (normal mode, no mayhem-modifiers). When i switched to player 2 the same happend to me. Tested it throughout our first playthrough. Bottom seems to be the lucky part of the screen.

Hope this and the issues brought forward in all the other splitscreen threads get fixed fast. Pkaying together on the couch is the main reason, we love this game.