Splitting Quick Play from Incursion has pushed me to leave the game (again)

I don’t understand the logic behind this. It took me a while to come around to battleborn again because of the long matchmaking times. Just a week ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had combined all the ques and I was finding games in 2-3 minutes no problem. I happily advertised this to my friends and reddit and even convinced 1 or 2 people that the game was NOT dead and to purchase it because matchmaking was QUICK.

And now? You split them? AGAIN? With the low playerbase? It’s taking me at least 5 minutes if not more to find them on East Coast PS4 and I will NOT wait upwards of 7-8 minutes to play, despite how much I love the game.

I am disappointed and do NOT understand the logic of splitting an already small playerbase again and no longer feel confident in telling people that they will have a pleasant matchmaking experience anymore.

Check this thread.

Seriously, first post will explain everything.


I DID read it. “Seriously”

Whatever improvements they make can only be HELPED by keeping everyone in the same matchmaking pool. And splitting players means less players which means longer wait times in ANY scenario.

His post had nothing in it about the split being permanent and they’re in the process of trying to improve matchmaking.

I’m sure if the changes do not improve wait time they will recombine the queue’s. They’re not doing this as a random experiment or to placate incursion people, they’re just trying new optimizations over the next couple of days.


Necessary growing pains. It’ll be better in the end, just give it some time.

We could make it easy to find games… What mode does everyone want to play? Even before the split quick match, the majority of votes are for Incursion.

my god people, they put the ques togetehr “don’t put the ques together” “now we’ll only get incursion” they take the ques apart “I’m leaving because you didn’t keep the ques together”

For those that may not have noticed it, the game is definitely attracttign a lot of new players, and from what I heard about the PC numbers, it looks like it’s been for PC as well as consoles. you can also expect to assume more people coming in from any christmas/hanukkah/New years sales that are probably going to occur, the numbers and expected numbers show the ques can supported


OP is the only one to seem annoyed, so that’s good

Thanks @HobbitWarrior for helping pass our communication around.

This change should improve the PS4 matching times. We’re confident enough that we’ve brought back a second queue for the PS4.

As always, we will watch the queue times, and if they aren’t great, we will merge the queues again.


I’ll place my trust in your data then. If you could get a mod to delete this thread then, that’d be great.

Yes, because EVERYONE who would be frequents this forum. Think before typing.

Can you give us the stats or percentages on number of players or what modes or maps players like to play? Either per system or in general? I think that may help some players understand the current state of the game based on players interests.

I know you did this back in the beta. WIth shards and other things like, an updated version might be helpful

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