[Spoiler]A BL2 Vault Hunter returns!

Gaige is back in the new DLC! Apparently as a wedding planner. That should be chaotic.

Honestly surprised no one else has started this topic. Kind of starting to wonder if all of the missing Vault Hinters will start appearing in the DLCs.

That’s because it was all over the notes from PAX post yesterday :smile:


Yeah, she was not interested in the Vault map, but to make weddings.

And that’s how you write a franchise into oblivion.


By writing something different compared to each fan’s personal head-canon? :stuck_out_tongue:


Her plan for the wedding could have the wedding party hunting down some horrific vault-style monster (or several different ones). Sounds like something Hammerlock would want for his wedding.:grin:

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Is it a spoiler if its in the trailer?

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Lol. Just trying to be careful. Not everyone may have seen the trailer at the time of posting.