SPOILER ALERT -Why Moxxi's DLC is so good

So, After doing all things possible in the new dlc, I wanted to talk about the pros and some cons about the DLC.

One thing I definitely liked was Pretty Boy because of the stereotype with the accent and how he acts in general and he may have been short lived but usually borderlands aces it with stereotypes like Aurelia and Wainwright and Pretty Boy that the character has energy and humor to him.I would like borderlands to add more stereotypes like this because this seems like a thing they aced in so far

Another aspect was the loot included.The Ion cannon was a very good weapon and with the double down shield now I can not worry about going down with my dps but frail flak build.however the heartbreaker, well, broke my heart because it might just be me but it’s absolutely useless for me and not as powerful as it was in bl2

Lastly, one more pro was the boss fights as I was amazed by the design and the work put into Jackpot the jack’s both and Freddie and on side note the design of the new loaders.however one of the few things that I hated was the scraptrap and scraptrap prime boss fight as they had too much health, I swear I had an easier time with jackpot than scraptrap.

Also the soundtrack for the new digby vermouth bummed me out because it was mediocre at best and sucked because it was nowhere near as good to his soundtrack in the vanilla game but the trashlantis battle theme was good.

So that’s it, see you


Yeah I like it too but fundametally disagree about the soundtrack. It was beautiful to hear. The new bots are cool as well.

I assume you were using caustic guns, since you’re obviously not new, so maybe it was bad modifiers if you were playing mayhem?

I personally enjoyed all the boss fights; they were definitely challenging and unique (though the Fabricator looks a bit like a budget Wotan).

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The fight reminded me of Agonizer.

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Mayhem 4 but even with a corrosive cutsman it was still a chore to do because of the amount of health they had but the other boss fights were good

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I’m not talking about all the soundtracks, i’m talking abouto the digby vermouth one in part 3 of his sidequest and what I mean is that I was bummed because it was nowhere near as good as the one in Skywell 27.aside from that I like the Trashlantis battle theme