[Spoiler] Atlas HQ "boss" fight

I’m falling behind folks since I actually have had to do work this week… :wink:

But I just did the Katagawa Zero suit fight. He was lvl 21, I was 19, but things were all showing up as red skulls on the minimap, big danger! Oh, wait…what…that’s it???

This was the most underwhelming boss fight yet. Amara took like no damage, I think her shield got to 50% once.
And Katagawa himself was straightforward, Maliwan Nebula in Shock, and 5 cycles and he’s dead. Again, without being damaged by Katagawa or minions/turrets enough to speak of.
Worst part was simply how initially confusing the map and the enemy locations were, once I spotted Katagawa up high it all made sense.
With so much complaining about the game being too hard this is one case where the fight was laughably easy.

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that is new :wink::wink:

nope. it means you are getting good. :+1::+1:

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Did Katagawa drop any legendary class mods for you? Their drop rate is supposed to be up this week, but he hasn’t dropped one for me yet.

I did this with both Amara and Fl4k and for some reason it was easier with Amara…took almost no damage-- perhaps he used electricity that amara is resistant to, or maybe fl4k just got too close to the generators.

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Yes, he dropped nearly perfect Breaker COM and some other class mods for other characters on day1 event.

It’s very easy boss to farm, with Amara I can one-punch him, but sometimes the fight could be longer, but overall very easy.

well, I did Katagawa 15 or more times yesterday and today (enough for 1 and a half levels of exp), on normal mode (not easy mode). During those runs I got 3 epic weapons, an epic trinket or skin, an epic shield that seems worthless (the one with 0 shield strength), and 1 epic class mod for wrong class (not mine).

So I"m not seeing this week’s advertised increase in epic mod drop rate…unless that bonus is just for those in true vault-hunter mode – not am option for me since I’m lvl 24 on first playthrough.