(Spoiler) DLC Siren Class Mod

“The Golden Rule”

A buddy of mine on Reddit showed me this. I think it will be pretty good with non Phasegrasp builds.

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I like it, but it’s weird that we are getting another class mod that increases Mindfulness and Helping Hands.

You’re right. Now I’m wondering if this is legit :joy:

The red text should be “Talkin bout ceasar”.


I agree. Same thing on the zane mod too. The new zane mod, buffs 2 of the same exact skills as The Executor Class mod. It’s just very weird and kinda disappointing from a diversity stand point

The purpose of this is quite different. This one will work very nicely for CQC builds. For instance, check out the Hellwalker build on this forum.

Yeah, they’re great skills but it’d be nice to have more variety

According to the forum rules we’re not allowed to discuss datamined info (in this case item data found and the item spawned via item editor) here. I’d be careful with this kind of posts.

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Nice. The red text is a reference to Captain America.

Oh, my bad. Just wanted to open the floor for discussion. I did put a spoiler tag for those who would rather be surprised.

“I understood that reference!”

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There isn’t much impetus to use this over Driver or even Phasezerker, the latter gives more controllable cooldown and even moreso if using Avatar with it and still gives a gun damage boost along with controlled activation of all Rush associated buffs and any other Action Skill use skills. And the Driver just plain out damages everything, moreso with an Elemental Projector.

Granted the skills are more useful than the ones Phasezerker got burdened with, but again, Driver makes more sense. And even if doubling up Laid Bare to 6/3, Amara’s Action Skill damage doesn’t even touch the Phasezerker range of gun damage, let alone be competitive with Driver.

It all depends on how this works. If it stacks rapidly and the cooldown reduction is almost instant, it will make Phasecast and Phaseslam builds perform at least equal to a TTB setup. Which would be really good for build diversity on Mayhem 4. Personally, I think the Driver is overrated because a lot of guns don’t work well with it.

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i feel like the design is weird , cdr with gr is already insane , this is total redundant

Its a good class mod - but the Driver and Phasezerker are too good, hence why people aren’t stoked about this one. Which was the fundamental problem with a COM as imbalanced as the Driver in the first place. Same reason why ppl aren’t stoked about Fl4k’s, Zane and Moze class mods - even though they are all some of their better class mods. Its the reason I pointed out why the Driver was fundamentally problematic - its just far too overtuned. I guarantee you, balance the Driver and suddenly this COM would be decent.

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I am stoked about Zane’s new mod. Its ability seems to combing Seeing Red with Death Follows Close to create his best mod for kill skill builds.

So if you do this right you can throw phasecast out like rakks, cool.

Moze’s new mod is horrible.

It’s really not. Is it a great or amazing COM? Probably not. But is it a terrible COM? I don’t think so. The potential DPS buff it gives against armored enemies is huge - it just requires you to play in a way that many feel isn’t particularly enjoyable, and the bonus really shouldn’t take 13s to ramp up. But that doesn’t make it bad. Even at 5-6 seconds, you are getting near 50% bonus corrosive damage - which is how much you get from those gun, grenade and shield anointments anyway. And Scorching RPMs is Moze best dps skill.

But its precisely because the Driver COM exists, and has conditioned us to think that a 200-400% buff from class mods should be the norm, and in fact deserved by the other 3 toons which are significantly weaker than Amara, which makes the Driver COM incredibly problematic. Just think about it, how many Legendary COMs before the Driver were truly that impactful? Sure, you had the Blast Master and Phasezerker, but generally even the meta COMs for most classes weren’t super amazing. Fl4k’s Stalker effectively adds 1 point to all his Hunter skills, which is a very meager buff. Zane’s Executor gave +20% crit damage on kill. Fl4k’s DE4DEYE gave +35% damage ONLY when enemies were above 75% health. These bonuses helped, its just they weren’t absolutely build defining like the Phasezerker or Driver.


I’m not sure why it’s a problem for class mods to be impactful though? I think Phasezerker and Driver (post-patch anyway) are good examples of how class mods should be in general. They should be game-changers in my opinion, whether they greatly improve on an existing playstyle or creating an alternative one altogether. There are way too many ‘Legendary’ items in this game that don’t live up to the title and feel incredibly underwhelming.

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