(Spoiler) DLC Siren Class Mod

In terms of what this mod gives you just plain Jane, no equipment, yes the Driver and Phasezerker out perform it. However, I have tons of annointed weapons that give +300% or +250% weapon damage after using Phascast or Phaseslam that I normally do not use because the driver with phasegrasp and a recursion, cutsman, skeksil or brainstormer shred and allow me to constantly proc the annointed +50% elemental damage after ASE on my grenade or shield to do some massive damage.
In my mind, with this mod, I can actually use those same +50% elemental damage ASE annointments as well as the 300% weapon damage annoitments but run phaseslam as my action skill instead of phase grasp. My cooldown could be very very fast, I can proc Samsara again and I could still produce massive damage. This could also free up my artifact slot from a elemental projector to something else.
I think it’s way to early to call this mod either way, good or bad. I’m excited

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It looks like the trick is to self dot with as many elements as possible to get your cooldown ridiculously low. Once you’ve taken damage enough times the cooldown gets low enough that you can actually stack Transcend.

For sure the problem is right now the Driver and Phasezerker mods are so far above her other class mods that all of her other class mods feel like useless legendary items which is a problem.

Ideally they would buff her other class mods so they can compete but if they don’t wanna take that route then I’d be fine with them nerfing Driver and Phasezerker so her other legendary COMS are worth taking a look at.

Well it turns out they just stealth nerfed the Phasezerker -___-

Now only does 2% damage and 1% cooldown per stack of Rush, so that’s 50% gun damage and 25% cooldown reduction down from 75% damage and 250% cooldown. Right as we get two class mods that either give insane damage while moving, or insane cooldown reduction while taking damage, gee what a totally unrelated coincidence.

It never did 250% cooldown tasting showed it got 3% per stack not 10% so still a nerd but not as bad as it seems. The gun damage is additive so pretty negligible

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To me it also seems more like a correction of the card than a crazy nerf. It still performs incredibly well.