[Spoiler] FL4K's new DLC Class Mod


Not much to say… i guess. There’s a glimmer of hope… maybe? Nah.

I would also like to say that FL4K does have other skills than Pack Tactics, Grim Harvest, Hunter’s Eye and Ferocity… Much more interesting skills too. So whoever at GBX has this extreme fixation for these skills could probably consider one of the others. I don’t know why we keep getting these same skills…


So, it’s like “never gonna happen”?


The only hope is the patch coming with some heavy changes to pets. Which i don’t personally think it will. But who knows.

There is also someone at Gbx who is in love with Hunter’s Eye, Pack Tactics and Grim Harvest. I was expecting something interesting for skills instead of seeing 2 of those yet again.

RIP Blue Fang, but the dream lives on


being brutally honest this com is upsetting, it strikes me as convoluted and stupid in the best case scenario where pet can actually kill enemies on an average build. It also seems like they are continuing their whole “fixed with a com” approach instead of meaningfully changing something like dominance to be a useful skill that creates alternative ways for FL4K and their pet to deal damage. Maybe something about this class mod will surprise me but on paper yikes


Being straight up here: This COM is garbage. Here’s why:

  1. Considering all the other bugs pets have, how do we know which types of pet damage count towards this? Would kills by Atomic Aroma count? Jabber barrel throws? Would it only count melee attacks?
  2. This is only a chance to happen on a something that doesn’t happen often. Even after our recent discoveries, it’s still pretty difficult to get the pet to kill things consistently.
  3. Of all things, they gave our pets a 25% chance to activate OUR MOST USELESS CAPSTONE THAT WE’VE BEEN B******G ABOUT SINCE LAUNCH? Enemy damage gets more and more invalid as more difficulties are added. This effect is worse than useless, I don’t understand how anyone thought this was a good idea.
    Why didn’t we just get damage for the red text effect? A buff to attack commands? Anything other than this? The skills on this COM don’t even give as much pet damage as a Cosmic Stalker, this is dead in the water.

@Noelle_Gbx I hate to be a pessimist here, and I hate to be pushy, but pets are already a niche play style with walls to overcome. They need help, and this COM doesn’t give it. Please pass this feedback along to the team: This effect needs to go . It’s useless, straight up useless. It depends on a skill that your shift data no doubt shows is not being used by the player base. Forgive me for being presumptuous, but no one likes Dominance. Don’t give it to our pets.


Doubling down on Fl4ks worst skill? Seriously? Even more disappointing then Moze’s com. Domination sucks ass because enemies don’t do much damage to each other, only a fraction of what a player deals. 20 seconds waiting for an enemy which should be dead to die? Sounds totally stupid to me. Maybe I’m just negative. :man_shrugging:


This is obviously intended to be used with the ultimate Dominance + Facepuncher + Nightflyer + Jericho build.


I get the reactions, but we also have to understand there is a patch coming as well. At the very least, wait a couple of days and see before we theorycraft on exactly how badly-designed it is?


Yes. The patch maybe having changes to pets is pretty much the only hope for this, which is why i’m somewhat holding back my reactions.


To be fair, I’m expecting sweet merry heck if they don’t rework or improve the pet mechanics in some way :smile:

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Oh wow, this looks like top tier garbage aswell. Granted, i have 0 knowledge with FL4K but that red text does not push me over into playing FL4K more.

As a Moze main, i’m sorry and i feel your… pain? Yes. Pain and dissapointment.


Honestly… It’s not even the worst of the bunch. Zane’s COM just adds shock damage (its not that much and Shock damage does kind of suck tbh) when the action skill is active and boosts a bunch of action skill duration/cooldown skills (which aren’t that great either, at least when not using Seein’ Dead) and Amaras COM gives damage resistance through rush stacks.
Fl4k’s Friendly Trainer and Moze’s Sapper are actually still some of the better one because the Trainer boosts some fairly decent damage skills (aside from ferocity) and the Sapper does at least help to make Moze less dependent on Vampyr and lets her put those points into damage based skills instead (plus the 4 additional points from the level cap increase).

You trying to kill the forums? :laughing:

I’ll be all over this COM if it gets released. :+1:

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pets cant kill boo
having an enemy that wont die boo
no kill skills get activated boo
you wont be able to shoot them so if in the off chance the pet kills them then your waiting boo
bad MOD
20 sec??? boo


Normally I’d be the same, but in this instance it’s safe to say that we don’t need to wait.

Mayhem 2.0 essentially gives us OP levels. Dominance is already worthless in M4. Scaling that up higher will make it more worthless. Taking away control to make it proc on a random chance of something out of our control happening makes it triply worse. Getting that instead of just giving better pet damage through any other means is simply horrendous.


You have faith. Bless you. I’m just about done having that.

This COM, which is supposed to be our pet COM, is being used to bandaid fix one of the worst skills in the franchise. If GB reworks Dominance, which is the only way this COM can be worthwhile, then fine, I’ll put my foot in my mouth.

Till then, this is garbage.


I thought Moze’ new com was bad. I feel this is even worst lol.

this is bad if this is the expansion on these charterers we were told. worthless coms that die the moment their released.

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Just like with Moze they heard our cries and decided to give us the finger.
Atleast this will be fun to mess around with, I already have a drinking game in mind.


Faith is putting it a bit strongly lmao.

I’m more like hopeful at least something will change. But considering this com is doubling down on enemy conversion mechanics (which are terrible since enemy vs. enemy is just usually not well scaled), it’s not even a Dominance bandaid: it’s just a second Dominance.