[Spoiler] Glitched out of map on Troy

So this issue resolved itself after a few minutes but I felt I should mention it. After beating troy and watching the cutscene I was spawned in under the map. I’ve noticed some weird issues with this already, namely teleporting randomly when doing a melee attack but this just seemed off.

Hopefully the images upload from my phone, I ended up falling for about 2-3 minutes before I hit a death plane. Hopefully this doesn’t happen often and if it does it’d be nice if it got patched.

Same thing happened to me using FL4K. I thought i would have to fight that doucher again. I ended up ground slamming the air to quicken my death fall but damn if it wasnt annoying

I have fought Troy twice. Once on Normal and once on TVHM. It happened both times. First time I died and respawned, was able to get to my loot. Second time, the fall ended with my screen staring at a random ground texture and then the sky, and just got stuck. I lost all my loot, including a legendary. I hope they patch this soon. I was using FL4K as well