Spoiler i guess did i heck Up?

I’m tryna doing the 100% in every map, I’m currently in the last main mission and since now I can translate eridian turned back and went to complete all the locations but I just found out that the first red chest in the game (the one in the droughts) is inaccessible if the secondary requirement is not completed on the very first mission… so what am asking is did I totally ■■■■ this ■■■■ up? Because I’ve doing every side quest completing everything hoping to get the 100% trophy on the first run walking, taking my time on everything I’m not lying! I think I’ve spent about 35+ hours to get everything… did all OF IT just went to ■■■■?

New character time, mate!

Try out some new skills!

I have a feeling (but cannot confirm) it’s a one time only opportunity.