SPOILER: Killing GraveWard

OK… I am the weird one who has twelve characters

I finally found the best way to kill the GraveWard.

First, in general I just automatically sell all COV weapons without even trying them. Well, I need to be “on level” for every mission/task/whatever. But I actually read the stats on the “hanging chad” mission reward (EXCELLENT!) and noticed that it doesn’t use any ammunition.

When I face the GraveWard, I pulled out the COV weapon, which I only had to “cool down” once, and I didn’t slide off that {bad-word} tilting platform, and just “Hanging Chadded” until it died.


Yeah, I like to figure things out for myself, no matter how many times I respawn. Yeah, it is harder this way, but my figuring things out for myself is always a win!


what’s weird about that? i got 16 i got 3 amara (ttb, brawl, urad) 5 fl4k (gammavore, rakk/fadeaway, urad, jakobs and melee), 4 zane (sntl, clone, urad and melee), 4 moze (splash, IB, Invincible build, Melee).

or maybe we are just both weird.


{{off topice, but…}}

I have one character for every character and for every skill tree. That is how I evaluate what best works for me. I still haven’t completed the game itself yet.

What I plan to do with my second run through, I will have only 4 characters with those tree-combinations that will work for me. I will go through “mayhem mode” in the fullness of time.

With BL2 I only ran through normal mode and the DLCs, after about year I did TVHM, and about another year I finally did UVHM.

1: I hate losing
2: I had a stroke in 2011, and my gaming skills now SUCK, but the only way to not suck involves playing a game over and over again.

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