[Spoiler...maybe] Locked door


I’m actually blocked in Desolation’s Edge’s map. I can’t give you the name of the quest because I have the game in french (I’m french so…) but this is when you have to take another way for reaching the vault after Maliwan blowed up the bridge.
And the thing is that the door in the Guardians Area isn’t open and I don’t understand why, if it’s a bug or if I forgot something. I tried to do the quest with a friend but now he has the same problem as me. I also tried to reload my game but didn’t work. Do you have any ideas ?


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I’m stuck in the same spot. The door won’t open. WTF!

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go on top of one of the small shed and you can see the generator behind the door. shoot it so that the door will open.

That’s not the part I’m talking about. I got past that part, I’m talking about another part

… can’t get past this.