[Spoiler] Mozes New DLC Class Mod


so the mod was shown by a youtuber and i thought i’d hear what you guys think about it, personally i was hoping for a kill skill mod but who knows. this could be good.


thats exactly what i was suggesting for months now :smiley:
very cool, they did it!
just hoped it would have been a skill and not a mod xD

at work but is the blue skill Means of Destruction? I don’t have the pictures memorized.

Either way this is going to synergize with consecutive hits builds so nicely now. Start farming your consecutive hits guns with large magazines now

Yes it is, basically the only thing that interests me about the com. But I still doubt I’ll trade any of the damage mods to use this.

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its means of destruction, matched sets and the iron bank

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Boring and bad, assuming it works as written. It probably doesn’t, but who can say right now.


the problem is just, you cant combine it with a 1 hp build because you cant use bloodletter AND this com, lol


Looks absolutely terrible to me. Think i’ll pass.


I was also hoping for a kill skill class mod for Moze but this COM isn’t Rocketeer levels of suck imo

It’s not the only problem.

You give a com with lifesteal which basically says here you don’t need Vampyr anymore. But then you are going to be basically forced to full spec blue anyways for Short Fuse or your damage is going to be trash, on top of that, give MOD which is less needed now without the need to rely on Vampyr. It’s like a conflict of interests and serves little purpose imo.


Yeah, Mozes biggest issue is that her blue tree is almost totally required if you’re trying to take on the hardest content in the game.

Short Fuse
To the last
Means of Destruction

are such important skills that there’s really not a good reason to NOT go down the blue tree. This naturally leads to the build everyone uses: CMT + splash guns

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i mean, there is no problem in not having to use the one and only option to have any sustain for this character xD (vampyr) it was already super restricting
but now, you are kinda forced to use this com to have sustain with her
the exact effect of this com was, what i suggested moze to have as a skill, like half a year before the game was released
it fits her, but bringing it as a COM is really restricting


Many of us have suggested adding lifesteal or heals to several of her skills in ways that make sense. We had a whole big topic about it in both general and Moze sections. Trust me you aren’t the first or only one to suggest it.

This com is just stupid it doesn’t provide options to build in a different way it just re-inforces the need to stick with the current meta and makes it a little bit stronger.


To be fair this class mod is probably fine if you stick with solely the stupid overbuffed weapons.

Moze needed this effect but not on a class mod; she doesnt have enough damage in her skill tree to waste time on something like this


Yeah that’s the problem. It could relieve speccing green with the mag skills, but you still need SRPM to do good damage, it could relieve speccing blue but you still going to need Short Fuse. If they had SRPM instead of Iron Bank on it, then I might actually almost like it because that would open up a bit of a new path.

Then theres the effect being relying on holding the trigger down which limits the options even more.

yea but it was like exactly my words “as long as she pulls the trigger the effect stacks up”
its just funny to read it now on an actual screenshot of the game xD

Perhaps do some sort of split Click Click + SoR kill skills build?

It would at least let you swap out multi-hit nades to high-damage, single hit nades. Might work well with the Red Queen, since it receives gun damage bonuses.

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Meh…Mag size bonuses are nice, at the very least, she’ll never die…but damage is lacking.

I wish GBX would add something like:
“The longer she holds down the fire button, the more damage she does”

30 seconds of firing gets you 100% bonus damage, or something like that…it’ll give her crazy momentum.


A huge bummer that they are giving her the much needed healing options through gear and not skills which I think a lot of us were worried about. She already isn’t able to output the same damage as the other VHs and this just makes things worse. That being said Short Fuse isn’t nearly as mandatory if you aren’t using any splash, so I think it could still open up some builds that don’t rely going all the way down DW. This also removes the need for Vampyr and to an extent MoD. Unfortunate that it doesn’t come with a point in redistribution though which far outweighs any mag size increases to help sustain fire.


We already have that with the Green Monster.

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