[Spoiler] Mozes New DLC Class Mod

I forgot J.Dazz! Gosh, I need to bust that one out again.

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La Varlope and blister


Welp, I lay in bed corrected. There’s a few Torgue’s that can build up a trigger pull bonus.

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Wait, since when? There’s a hidden effect of loaded dice? Also I’m not sure how that would defeat its own purpose.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t this essentially just 3/5 sustainment with extra conditions set? It’s not impressive, and i can’t see how or why to build around this.

There is nothing on this COM that is even remotely useful. One can hope there is some weird @ss hidden mechanic so that some extremely niche build can be made possible.

But frankly, there isn’t a single situation were i would look at this and say, yep this is the missing piece of my puzzle.

It’s just… horrible, really.

Mr. Negative says he’s sorry.

I imidiately thought of you when i read that comment. :joy:


Prismatic’s Gearology thread documents it. I’ll edit the link in in a moment.

I just mean it defeats itself in that. If you’re gonna go with life steal weapons, and want lower health to take advantage of health gate made easier by loaded dice. It having baked in regen kinda makes you wonder if using life steal weapons are worth it if you can find weapons that kill faster and get you similar results.

I did, however, forget how useful lifesteal would be against a boss in this scenario though. So. That’s my bad.

to be clear, jakob’s ARs can potentially spawn with Gatlin triggers, and i think one of the shotguns triggers or magazines allows for auto fire.

Wow I never knew that, that’s super interesting. So loaded dice is also a hidden otto idol.

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Yeah I know no worries. The comment I originally said mentioned specifically semi-autos.

I just found this out a little while ago too, so don’t feel bad haha

How dare I be rational! I’ll take a dump on it once I have had a chance to know exactly how bad it is.

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A Juliet’s Dazzle Short Fuse build like IDK, mine, shoukd work well enough with this com. Especially if there’s an unmentioned Damage bonus. Either way, the com bonus will keep her well healthy. Damage might be an issue.

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I’ll hold judgment on it, but it doesn’t look that good. The lifesteal should have been combined with something else. Honestly, this effect should have just been part of Green Monster, which would have taken care of the mods problem with survivability. The devs seem to really hate anything but splash damage Moze.

And still waiting on a fire based com.

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Regardless of anything else I just think it’s bad because it’s extremely lazy to try to fix character flaws via class mods when they should be remedied via skills. Also, the sole listed bonus at the very least isn’t all that great when other characters get larger and less restricted lifesteal. It’s not that I necessarily think it won’t perform well.

Maybe there will be a balance pass that reworks or revisits some skills that we see in the near future, that’d be nice. They also mentioned looking at underperforming class mods. But I’m just calling it as I see it right now.


Big meh, i just stick with GM and BM.

only problem is that you’re still going vampyr with a short fuse build. thats why i think this com only becomes really beneficial for consecutive hits builds, so that you can use a hex to maintain stacks. will it be better than a blast master though? idk.

I don’t see an issue with stacking both skills. Especially if the com doesn’t heal IB. I don’t think that a shortfuse build will be the only one that works either. Just that it would output enough damage to make it viable.

its more that if you already have healing from vampyr, why would you use it over blast master, when bm is going to give you +1 redistribution and more reliable damage. thats the concern.


I appreciate the dev’s intent here - we wanted more sustain on Moze, and they figured they’d give it to us on a class mod. The problem is that other class mods are essential for Moze to be in the same ballpark as the other vault hunters in terms of damage. Not reloading is a fine gimmick if it pays off, but it is possible on other vault hunters (say, a Krakatoa on Zane) without the limitation of focusing on splash damage or losing health gate. Of course Moze can also go down the blue tree to keep dps reasonable, but that negates the purpose of finding another source of sustain…

i’ll be frank;

at the moment another source of sustain is only useful if things are shuffled around in a way that gives moze better damage from the other trees without going short fuse. other methods of sustain seemed important before the short fuse meta developed, but now that its here, the trees are seriously imbalanced in favour of DW. without better balance, another source of sustain means jack ■■■■ in reality. it might enable pet builds for fun, but they still just won’t be as good in reality.

sustain improvement for SoR-BM builds is pointless without better damage balancing.

I think that, in the end, Moze needs some sort of shield sustain from SoR to open up build diversity. BM ends up being the support tree, so it complements the other two.
Bloodletter builds are behind because we still need to get to Vampyr but if we didnt, I can see good +5 PD Deathletter builds out there. If just gearbox could see it, they just need to fix Force Feedback. :confused:

Instead, seems like they want a Pointwoman Moze that is going to end up the same way as Pointman Axton: unnable to die and unnable to kill at the higher levels. At least Moze wont run out of ammo. :slight_smile:

Edit: my bad. Just forgot the Lob/Krakatoa meta. She is going to kill stuff anyway, so enjoy the Pointwoman Moze.

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