(Spoiler) Pandora the drought red chest help

So I went back to Pandora the drought and I wanted to collect the last red chest come to find out Its the one the that Marcus gave you anyone figure this out?
Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.

You have to do the side quest to unlock it. It’s the first side quest in the game.

Lol the thing is lol I’ve done it already…

I didn’t realize what I had done till I came back and tried to figure it out while doing research online.

I’m confused then. If you already opened it what do you need help with?

The problem is I didn’t open it

I’m trying to figure out how to re open that hatch to get to the red chest

In my game it has been permanently open after doing the quest. Sounds like you may have encountered a bug. Not sure if there is a fix at this point.




Are you saying you did the quest and completed the optional objective, the hatch to the chest room opened, but you never opened the chest and now you can’t?

Or did you do the quest without completing the optional objective and are trying to figure out a way to open the hatch to the chest room, which I honestly doubt will ever open unless you completed the optional objective when you had the chance to do so?

Oh you had to do the optional one like finding the spine??? Damn no I did not, that’s probably why I didn’t get it open when I finished the quest.

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Yup, sorry, that’s how you get that hatch open!


It re-closes pretty frequently. I think it’s on a timer. I farmed it a bunch.

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I missed out on the red chest also but if you change your mode from normal to true vault hunter you can do the mission again. Just have to use human spine first then skag and it’ll open up for you :+1:t2:


I did the quest on Moze and the door opened. on Zane, the hatch didn’t open and ClapTrap just keeps asking me to change his antennas. the game shows the quest as complete…

So I didn’t do the optional step on story and TVHM because I didn’t realize this would happen. Is there no way to complete the zone now? If that is the case I guess my quest to complete each map ends on the first map. Sort of stupid if an optional step prevents map completion.

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So that’s what I found out you just need to beat the game and do mayhem mode

Are you saying there is some way to actually get to the chests if you didn’t do the optional quest steps? How does mayhem mode help?