Spoiler QUestion: Concerning the Dead Girl in Pandora

concerning that dead girl’s record: Previously, I have done the “softy thing” and have not broken her records. BUT the question is that is the experience and reward differ if I do the {penis} thing and beat her record.

I even feel guilty even asking this question… sorry…


I think it is the same if I remember well… yeah it is checked in wiki

Thank you, I guess I should check the wiki first, though.

Are you sure that even the experience is equal? In the proving grounds it seems to give you more XP for solving additional missions. Like in bl2 you get badass points for solving them and since in bl3 you get them by exp I believe you should get more exp.

There’s an optional checkmark to not beat her record as well, so you’ll always miss an optional checkmark.

Pfffffft I broke that record right in her pa’s FACE! GIMME THAT UNIQUE QUEST GUN YA CRY BABY PEW PEW PEW PEW

“Mordecai will remember that”

Good job this isn’t that kind of game!

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The dialogue interactions change mainly. Dad & Mordecai react accordingly when you go full heel.

Welll… Since I am NOT a {penis}, I will probably never beat these records…

My first time through I didn’t notice the details on the optional objectives (text is too small for my screen-couch distance) so I broke a couple of them. Mordy was not impressed. Then I clued in…

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