if roland died then why didn’t he go to a hyperian revive station like we do when we die?

because they don’t exist.

It’s been brought up many times before. According to the developers, the respawn stations are just a game mechanic and not an actual part of the story. They’re not canon. Death for the players is not permanent, but for the characters, it is.

that’s why in TftB, Scooter is really dead. If he didn’t somehow escape.

i see, thank you for explaining

The New-U Station’s talking down on you were meant to make it clear they aren’t actually legit but instead the opposite happened.
Now they flat out tell you they aren’t canon in DLC4 and that’s inside a ridiculously implausible fictional game. Just to make sure.

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I learned awhile ago to stop trying to make sense of video game stories.

Especially when it comes to Borderlands. :dukecensor: