(SPOILER) Wedding Invitation new Meta gun

I hate using “meta” for this game, but let’s be real. If this gun does what she says it does, this gun is a new meta weapon.

Returning ammo AND reflecting bullets in a separate element? Get your elemental anoints ready peeps, this one’ll be a doozy.

lol so that’s a new projectile recursion? yay more bugs and exploits incoming

I watched LazyData’s one video and he stated that this new SMG is gonna be great for Moze so I’m hyped for that, but I’ll definitely grab this sniper. I wonder if we will be able to grind to 53 and then turn the event on afterwards to ensure these weapons drop at 53

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I don’t think its gonna be that busted… erm at least I hope its not… lol

Next patch it will consume 6 ammo. No worries!


It has been confirmed that the new weapons will only be mailed to you at level 53. This way you don’t have to worry about when you get it.


How do you farm for proper anoints on it though? Do they reset after save quit?

you need to backup user setting save before opening reward chest. Each time you ll open it weapon is different

Yes. PC style shenanigans or you just have to hope you get lucky. I hope I get something awesome for my Fl4k. Gamma Burst anoint might be good. Any useful anoint is welcome. I have four shots at this.

genuinely love the terminal polyaimourous so far, it’s a laser gun that chains to nearby enemies as well. I do think it only comes in fire/electric element types tho, but really those are the most valuable for most enemies.

Haven’t used my wedding invites much but i’ve one shotted a few enemies during my first test run with it, and it’s pretty cool too. great dmg.

It works like my Jacobs snipers did before mayhem 4, only better because of the ammo return on crit.

Gamma is godly. It deals fire, rad from anoint, shield corrosive, grenade cryo, walk up and shoot them in the face while they play with your dog. Honestly this gun has one downside and that its hitbox is super small, if you shoot a badass anywhere but middle of the head it just kinda goes through them

Yes and no. The Wedding Invitation is probably better than the recursion on its own but when you stack different anoint buffs and skills the Recursion is still by far the most broken thing in the game.
So, if you were to give either to a lv. 1 character, the Wedding Invitation would be stronger, but on a max level Amara it’s gonna be the Recursion.

It’s a fun gun. I’m just annoyed that we can’t farm it. Especially for console players as I know PC can by disabling their save. But we on console have to make a second account and a new character to destroy 100 hearts and hope for an anointment. And if we don’t get what we’d like, new character and all over again…which is annoying because I’d love to incorporate it into my build.