[spoiler] Where is alternate fire mode in Classic?

Not sure this is a spoiler, but being careful.

I like classic controller mode with the d-pad selecting specific weapons, vs hitting a button to rotate through.

Going to Classic mode allows this.

But when I switch to classic mode I can’t see a way to select alternate fire modes (auto/semi-auto, etc.).
What am I missing?

I just gave it a look and tapping triangle/Y will swap weapons, but a short hold will always change fire mode!


Ah ha! Thanks for the research, just got home from work and now I can swap modes!

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I like so many other players, play with the classic controller setup and I have tried both, here is what I do not understand…
In classic mode you have to hold (for me on Ps4) the triangle button. In default mode, on the d-pad it’s a simple touch of the button corresponding to the action.
This drives me absolutely crazy that there is a time penalty in classic mode to switch between alternate firing modes.
The only reason I can think of for this simple QOL issue, is that we’re being led into using the new default controller scheme…
To anyone having the same issue, here’s the fix…
Go into default controller mode and bind the alternate firing mode to triangle, (Ps4) which is the same place it is in classic mode
Rebind your weapon slots to 1-4 respectively.
Viola - no more “Holding” down the button for a full second to switch firing modes…
I hope this helps anyone that was/is in the same boat that I happened to be stranded in.


I doubt they’re trying to force the new scheme on everyone. In the old BL style, Y always cycled through weapons, hence why it’s called Classic.