(Spoiler) zero & Maliwan

I think they should have killed zero off. I was originally believing that he may be a robot & that the Maliwan ceo messed with his AI. But …, I was wrong. Kinda wish we fought him & not the ceo. I think I would have felt it in my heart more. It is kinda funny however that it was never stated what zero is: alien, robot, both, ect.

I don’t know how they could have written that in. There was no way or reason for Zer0 to turn traitor there, considering this universe made clear that for most assassins, Zer0 included, honor is held higher than a paycheck.

Besides, it just wouldn’t have felt right for Kata to be the one to kill Zer0. I understand what you’re going for, but I just don’t think it fits contextually.

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Judging by Katagawa I think it’s safe to say zer0s clan is some sort of subsidiary of maliwan or at least associated. Otherwise, why would the maliwan heir be a member? Furthermore, why would he vigorously try to recruit zer0 when all other vault hunters are not worth the effort?
So he’s just a robotically enhanced traitorous assassin

Ooo I like. That is an important tid-bit of information. A Maliwan assassin clan. I don’t know if this is tin foil or not but the Maliwan ceo did have some skills. Good job placing the pieces!

Didnt Zer0 question why the dude had his technology though? Zer0 then said “Did she…?” So I don’t believe the Maliwan heir was a member, and my theory is 'she’s might be 0ne

I missed this dialogue, but I’ll go ahead and take your word for it.
Still, it seems odd that Katagawa would have both the armor and the abilities without being an assassin in zer0’s likeness. Perhaps Katagawa is the one he mentions, or maybe his sister in the subway quest, it’s just incomprehensible for me that they’d throw a boss like that in the game and then try to make it seem that he doesn’t have some relationship to zer0

The relationship may not be direct, though. The suit granted Katagawa his abilities, hence the erratic movement when it was damaged. It seems likely the mysterious One gave him that suit with intent towards Zer0. If I were to hazard a guess, it would be the assassin version of sending a post card. “Hey, I worked with these people. Check out how not me they are and how they remind you of me.”

I’m glad they didn’t kill him personally, he is my 2nd favorite Vault Hunter and I would have been kind of annoyed if they not only killed him, but forced players to kill him by making him a boss.

I did find myself wondering more and more about Zer0’s origins after that revelation though. Is Zer0 a former Maliwan Assassin, or did Katagawa just reverse engineer his tech somehow (how do you reverse engineer tech without having access to it)? Is he human, an alien, or a robot? He has 4 fingers, which implies he’s not human, yet there is an audio log in Borderlands 3 that implies that Zer0 is attracted to Lorelei, which would be strange for a robot or alien.

Spoilers for later in the game.

Aurelia was my favorite Vault Hunter in The Pre-Sequel, and they turned her into a boss fight where you 100% kill her, while she’s also continuously calling all Vault Hunters “Whores” which also means she’s calling herself one, because even while you’re fighting her, she’s saying that she’s a Vault Hunter too. There are just things that I don’t quite get, and I am upset about having to kill a character I greatly enjoyed playing as, after having watched another character I enjoyed playing as die in a cutscene, then have their death scene replayed every time I went near a TV screen.

It’s not that weird for an alien or robot to be romantically, or sexually attracted to a human though, especially if Zer0 is a robot, since he’d have to have an already extremely advanced AI for all the stuff he does and choices he makes.


While playing the game-when maya died-that was the part that hit my heart the most. & it was That weasel Troy who did it.
Also, Because Zero is such a prominent supporting character. I hope they cover more of his lore in future dlc. Filling out his story more-which also means he may be a possible target too.

But it makes sense story wise for Aurelia. First she was DLC so she wasn’t really meant to directly be a part of the actual pre-sequel story, and second we know she is an evil character, ever since meeting sir hammerlock she was an antagonist which was well before the pre-sequel. I’m glad they didn’t kill Zer0 for a few reasons though, but the primary one is that 1 major death in the game is enough. Last time it was bloodwing and Roland. I think one minor and one major is good.

I’m glad as well, zer0 still needs to be figured out and I think he’s a great character for future story and development, it’d be a waste. As for the part about what he is exactly, it’s still unknown, but I found it really interesting that if you keep talking to him as fl4k he says, “hmm, there’s something very familiar about that one”. Which hints at him being a robot. That being said I have one last really enticing theory. What if he’s something like a guardian or something Eridian. Think about it, we know how agile the guardians are and they use those staves to fight. Zero is 7’6, with four fingers and two forked toes, crazy athletic skills, and a secret identity? How that ties into Karagawa, but an interesting concept at least.

That is most certainly incorrect.

In particular Zeros sole ambition has been finding bigger challenges for himself. He is the oddball. In BL2 it was the challenge of the Vault in tales it was Gortys.

He would most certainly go after Rhys, of there was some sort of challenge in it. It was unbelievable because it would have been too easy for him.

Zer0’s sole ambition was finding bigger challenges. It’s clearly changed since then. He refers to Rhys as “my bro,” he asks you to hunt the creatures across worlds, and he isn’t a nomadic assassin any more. It’s clear becoming a vault hunter changed him. We even see him drinking with a girl in the credits.

And Zer0 isn’t an outlier, either. Clay was an honorable assassin that isn’t in any of this for the money. His rogues were (for the most part), too, of which only one held a pycheck above honor. Zane was an assassin and now look where he is.

Fl4k also mentions how the Eridian writings look familiar when you interact with them before getting the translator. They were an indexing bot before gaining self-awareness, so could be that they indexed reports on some of Zer0’s targets or something at some point, perhaps?

As for the other thing, yes Aurelia was a DLC character, and she does describe herself as a ‘Stone cold bitch’ and even as ‘Evil’ once or twice, but by the end of the game, she tells Handsome Jack to ‘Kill yourself’ and that she’s done with him, because she recognizes that he’s an even worse person than she is, and that she believes in his bad karma, if not her own. She does also talk about how the thought of her brother being in pain makes her happy, but in the one mission you have that he gives out, she pretends to be someone else, to avoid getting into an argument with him, which could’ve been another chance to cause him pain, if that was all she really desired.

She is a horrible person, don’t get me wrong, but I still enjoyed her, and the way they treated her in this game rubbed me the wrong way, especially the lines where Alistair talks about how she ‘Found her true family in the Calypso’s’ or whatever. If she had just been frozen over and taken as a prisoner aboard your ship, and been convinced to help you out instead of just randomly turning to a block of ice and disappearing or what have you, then my initial reaction to that wouldn’t have been so negative.

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Not to mention the blatant retcon of the holodome dialogue between axton and gaige that said they’ve captured Aurelia.
Given that was not a gearbox game, but they acknowledged it as canon and helped write it. It seems like they just made that game non-canon

I don’t think it was reconned. I’m not 100% but I’m pretty sure Lilith stopped the kill order and told them to bring her in. Which is probably how she got mixed up with the cov.

Yeah but regardless, the facts seem to paint TPS as non-canon, or at least in the context of the ending. There’s no watcher, there’s no “you’ll need every vault hunters you could get” because they let every vault hunter besides Lilith leave Pandora. Aurelia being captured was just forgotten and there’s no sign of Athena.
In fact, the only reason someone could still say TPS is canon is because Aurelia still exists, in every other case the entire events of that game have seemingly been forgotten.

She was a bad guy. They all were. The only ones that really didn’t have an option were Timothy and Cl4p-tp.

Athena was an assassin on the run after betraying Atlas. We all know how Wilhelm & Nisha turned out. Aurelia is a rich big game Hunter who’s estranged from hammerlock. It’s really not that much of a stretch.

What I dislike is that they didn’t go the obvious route also and have Krieg be a boss also.

Nah, it’s canon. While gearbox didn’t work on the game except to finish the Cl4p-tp dlc and patching it, they did work with them on the lore.

I think we’ll find out more regarding the the watcher in the DLC. Since they have been love streaming everything all the corporations are going to be running to Pandora to control the destroyer. It’ll be the corporate wars again.

That’s just my initial take.