(Spoiler) zero & Maliwan

I think that’s (the watcher part) for later, more like borderlands 4. My guess is possibly future dlc will explain more on zero since he’s Rhys’ telltale centerpiece, or maybe with the erodes idea they’re both right and connected. I also think Krieg is very possibly relevant to a Tina dlc

When Flak first meets Zero, he mentions “there’s something familiar about that one.” I assumed he meant that, in terms of robots, that they are a similar model, just different types. Or it could be that they are both on the hunt and share the same ideology.

Or maybe Fl4k is actually Loaderbot and he has forgotten himself.

I know there will be a lot of people very happy if that were true. Lol

Zane also mentions meeting zero at a bar. So I’m sure they all have similar dialog.

Someone said and I can’t confirm this but zero talks about people always talking about his hands then says you don’t need pinkies.

Again can’t confirm that. But the fact that a human can fit into zeros outfit and how he calls it Zero tech, the end credits of him with a girl someone mentioned.

All lead me to believe zero is a human.
him needing to upgrade his sword with maliwan tech and zatagawa having and referring to the techs name. All leave me to believe he has a connection to maliwan.

Zero and his haiku speak as well as his outfit are all Japanese like to me.
The name zatagawa seems Japanese to me sounds like he could be mixed or Japanese I did not look to closely at him.

Zatagawa killed alot of his family. I’m thinking zero might be one of the family members that survived, and where the mask at all times because he’s severely scared.

I think it would have been way cooler if Maliwan had found a way to take control of Zer0 and we fight him to get him out of it. The katagawa jr music though…oh it was so good!

Honestly; with Maya dying, and no other BL2 Vault Hunters in the game (Outside of a single Echo Tape that talks about Krieg) I’m kinda glad that Zer0 wasn’t killed off. I feel like it would’ve been over the top in terms of deaths.